Chun Li by rkmugen & AngelMyst (9.23.07) (Read 18620 times)

Started by rkmugen, September 23, 2007, 09:07:53 PM
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Chun Li by rkmugen & AngelMyst (9.23.07)
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Chun Li's updated for Sept 23, 2007

here are all the changes I've made to her....

*added in her 3 mid-air lightning kicks (rapidly tap any kick button while in mid-air)
*added a MvC2 super-charging sound for her air-demon and Level-3 supers
*added a ground shaking effect when the opponent is thrown down to the ground
*added an echo for her Level 3 supers
*added some cornerpush.veloffsets for most of her normal moves to make it slightly harder to corner an enemy
*added a white-flash just before the blue spiral animation in order to 'smooth-out' the squared borders of the spiral's arms
*changed the first flashes of her air-demon to all-white (to precisely mimic MvC1)
*new portrait (credit: PSYcHO KrUsHER)
*repaired her hard mid-air lightning kick to send a standing enemy upwards while getting hit, just like in the arcade
*repaired some chainability between lightning kicks, rising kicks, and supers
*repaired her headstomp to go into the correct state when opponent is cornered
*repaired her running-jump for her SFA/SNK mode... (she jumps further now)
*repaired her air-dash; she no longer air-dashes by doing a quarter circle forward motion
*tweaked the collision boxes, timings, and velocities for all of her spinning bird kicks
*tweaked her collision box for her headstomp.... again...
*tweaked the hit velocities of her headstomp.... again...
*tweaked the timing of the first few frames for her air-demon
*tweaked her hitspark alignments for a few normal moves
*tweaked some hit velocities for her super lightning kicks
*tweaked some damage levels for many of her moves... a popular request (if you still think she deals too much damage, then you might as well change it yourself, since this isn't a priority for me as of yet)
*tweaked Psylocke's Psi-Thrust... enemies are now able to block all 5 hits instead of a random number of hits
*tweaked Psylocke's pausetimes
*tweaked most of her normal attacks to force the enemy to face her upon getting hit
*tweaked most of her juggling limits... another popular request
*tweaked the speed at which she can alter her direction in mid-air when she superjumps
*tweaked the combo chainability of her SFA mode so she can't combo into her HYPER moves from in the middle of performing her special moves
*tweaked her spinning axe kicks to be somewhat faster and more "combo-able"
*tweaked the speed of all 3 of her fireballs

Download her from either one of my websites below.  Enjoy!

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