Dragon's Destiny - Screenpack by Akito and OldGamer (Read 406 times)

Started by Akito, April 10, 2020, 12:10:48 PM
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Dragon's Destiny - Screenpack by Akito and OldGamer
#1  April 10, 2020, 12:10:48 PM
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This is a full game project that will be done in the future by me and my friend Falcon Rapper, however, as he and I have somewhat different ideas from this same unverse, I have already decided to advance the screenpack that I will use in it for my version.

In summary, we will work on his version too, obviously, but as he is a little absent today, what I'm advancing here is MY vision of what Akito's universe would be like (where Falcon Rapper is also present).

PS: I thought about putting the thread icon as "fullgame", but first I'm going to make the screenpack to do the release, so that's why I chose this icon.

-> The game:

The game is a tournament that took place BEFORE Capcom vs. Snk Mugen (my first screenpack), focusing on original characters from the Akito universe, Street Fighter and The King of Fighters.

-> System:

POTS style, with multicolored sparks. Maybe with chain/air combos, like INFINITE style, but, I'm not decided yet.

-> History:

The story is based on the same story that I created for my first screenpack, however, adapted for more details.

Capcom vs. Snk Mugen will soon receive an update, where I will make changes to the story so that it follows properly within the timeline.

The changes will be simple, but it will no longer be a parchment the focus of the story, but a dimensional stone that will cause the shock of several dimensions (more details on this soon).

The project is to encourage other creators who want to participate in the universe of Dragon's Destiny, which can be with original characters, from Street Fighter or The King of Fighters (as I mentioned before).

In this time I maked all stuffl, but OldGamer helped me a lot with various things in screenpack, and because of this I put name of him in here too, thanks again friend.

I'll release this screenpack soon, stay tuned.

Re: Dragon's Destiny - Screenpack by Akito and OldGamer
#2  April 12, 2020, 03:31:17 AM
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This should be of interest.