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Started by JJkoolaid, December 23, 2019, 03:11:12 AM
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JJkoolaid Collection
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    Hi guys, Welcome to the JJkoolaid Universe Collection. There will be two types of edits for characters going forward:

    1. Signature Edits - These are detailed edits that are really polished with fluid gameplay style, great combos, good voice work from sources, great  AI,Darkwolf13 tag, and Special Mk11 type of Intros with other JJkoolaid characters.

    2.Conversion Edit - These are just a straight conversion from another character to Darkwolf13 template. No polishing,Default Mugen Ai,will have Darkwolf13 tag but just the tag assist and tag out only. Conversion edits can turn into Signature edits in the future.

    Signature Edits Format
    These type of characters follows a format that has playstyle like MVC2,UMVC3,and MVCI. They will be a 6 button format. These edits will not have 10 useless hypers but will have only few really good hypers that are versitile  and combo the best. They may also have few special moves or hypers that can be reference from movie or comic for example (for example MCU characters). One hyper will be a Level 3 Hyper with Level 3 Hyper background color. A character is not complete without Ai. No one wants to fight a dummy or have two characters in your roster (one for fighting and one just cause of the Ai). This will be an all in one character. So characters will now include Ai. The Ai will be based on Ai level setting in your arcade settings. Ai Level 1 easiest to fight against to Ai level 8 hardest will make a great sub-boss fight. The Ai is trially tested by me to ensure it is not too brutal for you. Most of my Ai characters could defeat be some other brutal Ai characters but not cheap characters. If I do any newer characters they might include the Darkwolf-Tag Patch for Tag Matches.

    Download Link for all Signature Characters here!AsZOw0hipnFTakZiYXCaE1COkdM?e=EdPMCM

    Signature Characters

    Morrigan Aensland

    Post and Link Here:

    Lilith Aensland

    Link in Video

    MVCI Venom

    Link and post here:

    Ada Wong RE4

    Post and Link Here:

    MVCI Ryu
    Preview Video:

    Grandmaster Subzero

    Post and Link Here:

    Netherrealm Scorpion
    Preview Video:

    Post and Link Here:


    Post and Link Here:

    Conversion Characters

    Invisible Woman
    Collab Project with 087-b

    Link and post here:

    Janne D Arc
    Preview Video:

    Cammy Delta Red
    Preview Video:

    Your Successor in Netherrealm Service!!!
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