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FAQ MUGEN Related questions? updated 1-24-2015
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If you have any questions regarding M.U.G.E.N's configuration and use, please check the M.U.G.E.N Configuration Help board.
ยท If you have any questions regarding M.U.G.E.N development, please check the M.U.G.E.N Development Help board.

Please be aware that questions posted there have a much higher chance of being answered.
Click the links to go to the post content. If you wish to make a suggestion, comment, alter, or add anything to the FAQ please post it in this thread.

New to MUGEN?
Getting my Game On!

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FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

What is M.U.G.E.N?

M.U.G.E.N (also known simply as MUGEN) is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte. More information can be found on its Wikipedia page found here

How Do I download M.U.G.E.N?

The latest version of MUGEN is available on Elecbyte's site.Get the latest versions of mugen (1.0 and 1.1beta) right here.
If Elecbyte's site is down here are alternate links
MUGEN 1.1b
1.0 MUGEN Starter Pack

How many characters and/or stages does M.U.G.E.N come with?

The engine comes with one character Kung Fu Man and it also comes with the default screenpack and lifebars.  To acquire more playable content you will need to go to someone's site that creates content for MUGEN or create it yourself.

How can I find the creator's web sites?

Searching with Google will turn up a lot fast. There are several Portal sites that keep a database like The Mugen Fighter's Guild Database. If you can't find a specific character you can request for it in the request board. But please put in a bit of effort to look before requesting away.

How do I install new characters?

You will need to extract them from whatever kind of zip they are in and then, cut the character's folder and paste in the Mugen Folder named "CHARS" Then you need to open the data folder and open select.def with a text editor.

In the select.def you find Kung Fu Man he will look like this.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

To add the character you just downloaded you would put down that characters name here is an example.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

That's it just save the file and run mugen and your new character should be there.

How do i add stages and how do I assign a stage to a character?

Well just like the character you download extract, but instead of leaving the stage in the folder like you do with the character files, you just paste the stages .def and .sff file right into the stages folder.

Then open select.def and scroll down until you see where it says "extra stages". After this line input the stage as follows.


Now that stage will come up randomly when playing arcade. Buy you also want to know how to assign it to a character. Well it just like this:

KFM, stages/kfm.def
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def.

Now when you fight ryu you will fight him at the ryustage.

How do I set the order of the characters I fight?

At the bottom of the select.def file you will see something like this.

1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

There should be two of these one for arcade and on for team arcade.

As you can see there are 10 numbers and you can assign 10 different orders to your characters.

The current setting above is for three matches that follow the order 1, 2, and then three and the game is over.

Now lets say you want to fight all your characters randomly but the you want to fight a boss type character at the end. Lets also say you have 10 characters. You can set that like this.

9, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

This would cause you to fight 9 characters randomly at order 1 and fight 1 boss type at order 2 then the game would be over.

You can set the order all the way up to 10 10 is the limit to the order number.

After you have it the way you want you will need to add the order number to the character and this is how.

KFM, stages/kfm.def, order=1
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def, order=2

This means that you have assigned kfm to fight in order 1 and you set ryu to order 2.

How can I change the size of MUGEN's screen or make it full screen?

Well in the mugen folder open the folder called data. In this folder you will find the mugen.cfg file. Open that file with a text editor. (WordPad)

Scroll down until you find this.

;Game native width and height.
 ;Recommended settings are:
 ;  640x480   Standard definition 4:3
 ; 1280x720   High definition 16:9
 ; 1920x1080  Full HD 16:9
GameWidth = 1280
GameHeight = 1080

;Set to 1 to enable fullscreen mode, 0 for windowed.
FullScreen = 0
Or press alt+ENTER
As you can see it's pretty self explanatory so just make your changes and save the file.

How do I get my joystick to work

Start MUGEN go to options and configure your joysticks.

I am having trouble with configuring my mugen. Where do I need to post to get my questions answered?

The "M.U.G.E.N Configuration Help" board is where you should post to get your questions on how to configure your mugen answered.

I am interested in MUGEN creation. Where can I find some tips to get me started?

There are tutorials in a folder called "docs" within your mugen folder. Check out the tutorials to get some basic character creation tips. Be sure to check the files called air.html, cns.html, sctrls.html and trigger.html to learn the basics of mugen creation. There is a four part tutorial that shows how to make a basic character.

I am having a few problems with MUGEN creation. Where should I go to find a solution to my problem?

The solution usually exists within the problem domain. My lecturer told me that once. Alternatively, you can check out the
M.U.G.E.N Development Help board. If you ask a question here, you are bound to get an answer, but endeavor to solve problems on your own.

Capcom and SNK Playmore won't sue M.U.G.E.N
SNK and Capcom have in the past stated they will NOT bother people that use their content for MUGEN creations. For more in depth reading about this you may go here
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Getting my Game On!
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MUGEN Guild starter pack: Attack Regulation A (a prepacked MUGEN starter kit)
Guild has assembled a starter kit to aid in playing and creating MUGEN content.
You may download the kit here (1.0 version)

What is the most widely used program to help me make something for MUGEN?
Fighter Factory 3 is pretty much the standard now.
You can download and read the development history of Fighter Factory here
Direct Downloads links can also be found below
Fighter Factory 32 bit
Pre-requisite -

Fighter Factory 64 bit
Pre-requisite -

Fighter Factory Linux
Pre-requisites - libQtCore4, libQtGui4, libQtXml4, libQtOpenGL4, libQtMultimedia4 (version 4.8.x), wine, Network Audio System ([ftp=][/ftp])
On Debian-based systems - sudo apt-get install libQtCore4 libQtGui4 libQtMultimedia4 libqt4-opengl libqt4-xml wine
To make it executable if needed - chmod -x ff3
Attention: Unix file names are case sensitive. All project files will open in FF3 only if the file name match exactly the defined in the .def.

Can I view the docs online if Elecbyte's site is down?
1.0 Docs / Alt Link
1.1 Docs / Alt Link

Also be sure to check out the MUGEN Class Board for more information about the Docs and to ask Doc specific questions.
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