The Crimson Tide of Change - Illian Fedorov (Read 728 times)

Started by Sean Altly, January 25, 2021, 04:01:21 AM
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The Crimson Tide of Change - Illian Fedorov
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Illian Federov
  -Country of Origin: Russia
  -Fighting Style: Sambo
  -Nickname: The Crimson Tide of Change
  -Bio: The final boss of the game. Illian is a wannabe Russian despot planning a huge coup, but is distracted by the tournament because his ego requires that he proves his own strength whenever possible.



-Red Hammer - F+HP - Downward palm strike, overhead


-Magnum Press - QCF+P - Dashing, energy assisted open palm strike
  -EX - Catches the opponent and slams them against the wall, where they bounce out and up for a juggle

-Heaven's Gate - DP+P - Anti-air grab where he slams his opponent down with tremendous force, causing an energy explosion on impact
  -EX - Almost no start-up and reaches very far

-Magnum Anvil - HCB+K - Jump-in grab ala Birdie or Alex in SFV, where he slams them down and then throws them into the wall behind him
  -EX - Homes in and leaves more time for a juggle after the wall bounce

-Omnisphere - QCB+P - Generates a large energy sphere that lingers for a bit, then dissipates after a set time or if it hits a certain number of times
  -EX - Releases two spheres at different distances

-Omnishift - An Akuma-like teleport move that only the AI can use to make him extra boss-like


-Defense Drive - Eruption Sphere - QCFx2+K - Throws an energy sphere diagonally towards the opponent's feet, which hits the ground and erupts into a vertical pillar of energy

-Offense Drive - Magnum Opus - QCFx2+P - Big damage super where he does a full-screen Magnum Press, juggles with an Omnisphere and finishes with a super Heaven's Gate

-Maximum Over Drive - Iron Reign - QCFx2+P+K - Raises his fist in the air and forms Omnispheres in a horizontal line above the opponent, then he drops them straight down, causing a big full-screen eruption of energy. Can't be avoided or interrupted, can only be blocked high.

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Re: Illian Fedorov
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Heh. He looks pretty good. But being Russian myself, I can tell you this: you could use, at least, a consultation about Russian phrases he uses, most of them aren't said the proper way (In word "Дурак" (Durak, Fool) you should put more emphasis on A, not U), and some of them, like "Становиться на колени", are used plain wrong (your version means "TO stand on knees").
Re: Illian Fedorov
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Yeah this was all covered in the CvTW thread. A Russian voice actor was supposed to replace me but he sent incomplete work and never finished it. The video is old and some things have been updated but I would prefer a Russian actor and I'm open for anyone to try it out. If I can't find one I'm going to chalk it up to me being American and say whatever. All the German in the Die Hard movies is basically gibberish but it is what it is.

All my stuff is open source, you never need permission to use anything I make. Just have fun!