a Pots-ish DBS Goku? Compared CVS2/Pots Chars with FighterZ/Z2 Goku  (Read 4863 times)

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a Pots-ish DBS Goku? Compared CVS2/Pots Chars with FighterZ/Z2 Goku
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Goku Dragonball Super Pots Style Moveset
6 Buttons
Standing Light Punch
Usual Jab same as Z2 Goku
Close Light Punch is an elbow much like Terry,do it again with holdfwd and its an gut punch that can be linked to other stronger normals,same move   SSJ Goku has in FighterZ
Standing Medium Punch is same as Z2 Goku and can be chained to itself same way
Strong Punch is basically CVS2 Joe Higashi's Strong Punch
Standing Kicks are same as Base Goku Z2 in Base form palletes,In SSJ God Pallete The Medium and Strong Kick change into SSJ Z2 Goku's  example meaning that Strong Standing Kick is an auto combo  example
Crouching Light and Medium Punches are pretty generic CVS Terry or Ryu,
Crouching Strong Punch is Classic Shoto/Ryu/Ken/Akuma Anti Air normal,Inj case of an Infinite Style Variant of This character,Crouching Strong Punch is an Uppercut Launcher,much Like Z2 Goku and FighterZ Goku

Crouching Light Medium and Strong Kick are Pretty much CVS2 Rock Howards and Z2 Gohan’s(Strong is Launcher in HDBZ and can be used as an alternative config launcher,choosing beetween CSP and CSK as an launcher for an Infinite Style variant)                                                               
Air Light and Medium Punches are pretty generic shoto moves,same in HDBZ variants,Strong is an double axle handle like HDBZ  and is in FighterZ                                                                                                Air Light and Medium Kick  are same moves its basically the side kick of base Goku from FighterZ in a Pots environment they are pretty much CVS2 Rock Howard’s Air Kicks,Strong Air Kick is just Akuma’s or classic Shoto’s kick from CVS2 since those are same move,Holddown Air Medium Kick  is dive kick like Akuma

Ki Blast(Literally Same as HDBZ version)
Excellent zoning tool. With LP, Goku fires a basic Ki Blast that travels straight ahead and not very fast. The MP version lobs a Ki Blast on a relatively sharp angle, resulting in the blast landing about half a screen length away. This can be used to attack opponents above and incoming. The SP version throws another lobbing one, but at a softer angle, making it land on the other side of the screen. You're able to shoot out three of these Ki Blasts consecutively by repeating the command twice after doing it once. You can mix up the Weak and Strong versions. Has no EX version. Supercancelable.         

Heavy Elbow
Lunges forward and strikes with his elbow.
Same move as FighterZ variant,Works basically like Terry’s Burn Knuckle                                                                                                                         
 EX version gets Super Armor towards projectiles and Goku goes SSJ during ex version,if God Base Form Pallete is active Goku goes SSB Pallete,Dampener of EX version is decreased in God Pallete and it deals more damage.To be fair I dont understand whats different about Terry Burn Knuckle and Rock Howards Hard Edge to make a comparision,

God Shock Flash
A counter move like Rock Howards Crack Counter,but its basically a Bruce Lee One Inch Punch,SFV Ryu’s V-Skill 2 Thrust Strike comes to mind

A rotating overhead axe-kick that can be cancelled into Supers and to certain normals.Ex version groundbounces

Instant Transmission from FighterZ

Teleports, and the attacks with a roundhouse kick. Depending on which way you moved the control stick determines whether Goku will appear in front of or behind the opponent.Ex version gets more damage goes SSJ,İF done close to corner it wallbounces.

Dragon Grab Same moves as Super Baby from FighterZ
Jumps up to grab the opponent, rapidly spin them around, then throw them to the ground.Can be cancelled from EX Instant Transmission since it wall bounces the opponent near the corner? auto turn based on direction? idk

Transcendence/Basically an Command Grab
Leaps forward and binds the opponent with one arm. On contact, Goku moves around the opponent, and surrounds them with four ki spheres before blasting them away. Grants Goku invincibility frames during the jump. This move cannot hit airborne opponents, even during mid-combos.No EX version,same moved Base Goku used in TOP tournament somehow became Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku’s in FighterZ,weird,easy to survive corner pressure.Blockable

LV1 Kamehameha
   is a projectile version like HDBZ version,a Shinku Hadoken basically
MAX LV2 Kamehameha,Chargable version of Shinku so basically Denjin,charge it long it enough and Goku goes SSJ/SSB in God Palletes while charging,charge time to transform is lesser for God Pallete,Once transformed and still charging,any hit/projectile can be Dodged with teleport,it becomes a Warp Kamehameha basically so just dont let him charge enough to transform,Fully Charged Version without getting hit in God Pallete is a fullscreen beam if it becomes Warp Kamehameha it keeps being a projectile,very impossible to land the beam cause to be honest,everyone prefers to get hit by an Teleport Denjin Hadoken that does lesser damage instead of an Fullscreen Beam,so they are gonna try to hit you with an projectile or charge with an special move with range,and odds of you fully charging Kamehameha is even more rare in a Pots Roster

Bar Dependant Super the more bar you use the stronger it is
Kaioken(Unavailable On God Base form Pallete)

Powers up using the Kaioken technique. The amount of follow-up attacks Goku can perform depends on how many bars he has available on his side. Consume until no bar is left.Ranbu-ish Super
•   With one bar Goku can perform 2 attacks.
•   With 2 Bars Goku can perform   3 attacks.
•   With 3 Bars, Goku can perform 5  attacks.

Dragon Fist(Available in Both Base and God Pallete Modes,    
Basically an Ranbu LV3 Super Ending with an exploding Energy Dragon Uppercut done in SSJ3 or SSB form depending on the pallete.

LV3 Super Spirit Bomb
InstantKills Once Lend me your Energy bar is fullly done,Lend me your Energy is a move that replaces Custom Combo button combination in Goku,much like Power Charge command in Pots chars ,it builds up meter but a specific meter,Full Meter is 3 bars,If Super Spirit Bomb is  Done by using both normal 3 meters and Lend me your Energy Bar at maximum(3),Super Spirit Bomb is an Instantkill,has an Buu Saga esque cinematic on against Single 1v1.So its basically an Instantkill that requires 6 bars,

Raises both hands in the sky to gather energy, increasing Spirit Bomb level by one.
Lend me your Energy bar is reset to 0 beetween matches if it was below max(3),if it was 3,you get to keep 1 bar in next round.

Super God Shock Flash LV3
A counter Super,if opponent hits,Goku transforms into SSB and deal a One Inch Punch blow that explodes opponent like KofXIII Ryo’s TenchiHaohken.

Instinct Flash
Goku Powers up into MUI and basically Vanishing Rushes to opponent like Rugal,hitting the opponent multiple times,if hit Goku turns around and fires an  Fullscreen Kamehameha to opponent,If first hit is blocked,Goku reverts back and gets into an special dizzy animation,If hit %50 of health opponent dies with kamehameha,very situational move,very negative on block,so if blocked,you get punished.

Dodge is an teleport and so is Rolling Forward and Back visually,you can still get grabbed,
Zero Counter is Spirit Shot,same move goku had in Shin Budakai and in Fighterz. Goku will stand his ground, firing a shockwave of pressurized air out of each hand.
Power Charge is classic dbz screaming.

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