Stranger Things: Tournament (Brainstorming/Suggestion Thread) (Read 680 times)

Started by LaceyBarbedWire, June 19, 2021, 03:35:55 AM
Stranger Things: Tournament (Brainstorming/Suggestion Thread)
#1  June 19, 2021, 03:35:55 AM
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Hey ya'll! New here, obviously, and relatively new to M.U.G.E.N. But I'm hoping to make a proper project with it, though it'll take time, of course.

As you could probably guess, my hope is to make a Stranger Things fighting game. It'll be a bit more advanced than anything the characters could play of course, but since Season 3 is in 1985 and Street Fighter 2 came out in 1987 not too much more advanced I don't think. As things stand right now though, this is still just in the basic brainstorming stage, so I was hoping for some ideas and suggestions on the archetypes and movesets various characters could have. I'm hoping to have a roster in the 8-12 range, maybe more if it'll work but I don't want to get too silly so there's some limitations due to the source material.

Current ideas:

* Nancy Wheeler-Pure Zoner. Has a rifle for long ranged, medium damage, but slow attacks, a pistol for medium ranged, low damage but fast attacks, and shotgun for close range, high damage, medium speed attacks. Also has a baseball bat that does little damage but pushes enemies back for distancing.

* Demogorgon-Rushdown. Fairly simple moveset, largely centered around swiping with its claws and biting.

* Sheriff Jim Hopper-Grappler. Good damage, but slow and clumsy. Might have pistol for range, with low damage.

* Eleven-Zoner. Will probably have to color in her telekinetic attacks to give opponents a chance to block or dodge. Might have elements of a Grappler, depends on if that can be programmed in a way that makes sense or not.

* Robin & Steve-Mix Up. This is the loosest idea, but they'd function somewhat like the Ice Climbers, lobbing ice cream at their opponent and then kicking up close.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? I'm quite open! Hope to hear from some of y'all!