The particulars of "Idea Engineering" (Read 42630 times)

Started by Titiln, May 26, 2009, 11:16:16 PM
The particulars of "Idea Engineering"
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If you've got a MUGEN related idea that'd you'd like to discuss, such as a possible character/stage/full game, this is the forum for it. If you do get some actual progress made on your idea, feel free to post it in the Projects forum.
Re: The particulars of "Idea Engineering"
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On what is a fullgame project: A fullgame project is not a list of stuff you want others to do for you, its not a list of things you are gonna pick up eventually, its also not a list of your dreams of characters that one day might fall out of a tree and hit you on the head.
A project is also not a sprite of a stance or a sprite edit someone else did on another forum and you have no way to finish the full sprite sheet.

If your "advancement" is not something more than any of those, this is the place to discuss it.

Do not expect others to finish your games and "ideas" for you, there is the unlikely chance that someone might want to team up with you, but do not rage if that doesnt happen.

Mugen projects are time consuming and somewhat complex, most people wont want to waste their time doing something for you while you have close to none input other than ideas.

Do not let those things however demotivate you, most if not all of the creators around started alone. As you start gaining respect and recognition, people crop up more often to help out.