Card Saga Wars Rebirth Project Underway! (Read 2080 times)

Started by AceAdversary, May 25, 2018, 01:30:10 AM
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Card Saga Wars Rebirth Project Underway!
#1  May 25, 2018, 01:30:10 AM
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Hey all,

We're happy to announce that a new team has taken the helm to continue the Saga. The new team is separate from the original CSW team, so we are taking the art in a different direction. However, mechanically we are staying true to the old CSW; yes, we are using the same Mugen engine and we plan to have the characters move and behave in the same way as the original CSW project. We have appointed Mugen Lord to be the main source of any major updates to the project. We already have a very early Alpha up which you can view under Mugen Lord's channel:

We've already had a lot of positive feedback and support in our efforts, because we are a passionate team which is aiming to release the game within a reasonable time-frame. However, positive feedback is always accompanied by suspicion and apprehensiveness.

We realize we have big shoes to fill; the old CSW project was hyped up for a decade, only to be abandoned by the OCs. However you may feel about this, we are an active team, and we will always be open to questions/concerns/feedback of any kind. We will not leave you all hanging.

We do have a facebook page:

..But feel free to reply to this thread or contact me directly for any further questions.

All we ask is for the support of the fans that want to relive the hype of Card Saga Wars.
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Re: Card Saga Wars Rebirth Project Underway!
#2  May 27, 2018, 03:47:20 PM
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hope to play a demo soon.

good luck and happy to hear this project not dead.

may god give you all the strength and motivation you need to finish at least this awesomeness, this highly awaited project.

will stay aware.

Thx for news for now.