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Started by DuIslingr, August 31, 2016, 05:25:23 AM
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Hello Peeps!

Explanation of why I ended up creating this tool
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Differences from Old GUI linked in the spoiler above.
  • Supports .wav, .wave, .aiff, and .aif input file formats.
  • Uses Save File Dialog to allow you to place the encoded file where you want and name it anything you want.
  • Allows you to encode with ADX, HCA, HCA-MX codecs. (HCA I believe = ADX2. Not entirely sure.)
  • Allows you to loop all without having to specify the Start and End loop points. Just keep the Custom loop switch off.
  • Lets you specify the Sampling rate. Accepted values are 1000-48000 for all codecs.
  • Lets you determine the quality of the sampling or the encoding. Personally I can't tell the difference but its there.


Requires .Net Framework 4.6

Source Code

Q: Why are the files missing from files folder?
A: This is because the files needed are from the CriWare SDK. Including them would mean an instant DMCA flag from CriWare when they discover this app. Also because I had to go in and bypass the license check in criatomencd in order to use it outside of the CriWare sdk folder and for longer than 3 months. Now I am willing to share them but only through direct messages. Or you can go and request the SDK yourself from CriWare to acquire the files needed. Keep in mind you will still need to crack the criatomencd file. But it is really simple to do.

Note: I do not have much knowledge about supporting MUGEN. However I would recommend reading the Information section at the bottom of the old GUI linked in the Spoiler above.
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