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HI everybody!

HERE IS my add-on for mugen!

(sorry for my english)
it's a new way to play mugen. Indeed,this tool must play without pad or joystick!
YES, it isn't normal but this add-on use the A.I from the characters.
IT' s an AI TOURNAMENT,indeed.
it 's custumizable like mugen!

SO now, you have now the possibility to evaluate all your characters in a tournament(yes ! i added a xp for the characters!).
don t forget to add a patch to your characters or try to make it( it' s easy!)
this tool is also a way to reward AI CREATORS and MUGEN CREATORS!


here is a preview:

a new video best quality!

long video demo at:

here the links



1. take  pictures for all characters (format:png) (ex:evilruy.png,ken.png,...) in your mugen
1.1 put all pictures in challengergifs folder
1.2 it s their portaits.

2 your fight wallpapers in background folder
2.1 make the list in background.txt like the example(you can find it in HELPFILES)

3  your fight pictures in demoimage(gif  supported)
3.1 make the list in demoimage.txt like the example
3.2 these pictures are the introduction of this tools you can change it! it s custumizable!

4  make the list of chars you have in your mugen
4.1 make the list in fighters.txt like the example(you can find it in HELPFILES)
4.2 put this in DANFILES

5  make the list of stages
5.1 make the list in stages.txt like the example(you can find it in HELPFILES)
5.2 put this in DANFILES

6  make the list of your favorites stages
6.1 make the list in finalstages.txt like the example
6.2 this IS ULTIMATE FIGHT,you can determinate the stage for the final

7 add public to the tournament
7.1 take pictures (ex:the head of a hero from a comics)
7.2 make the list of public
7.3 make the list in public.txt like the example
7.4 put the pictures in DANfiles
7.5 this  will appear when it will have speech
7.6 put all in DANFILES

8  make the list of your music
8.1 make the list in backgroundmusic.txt like the example
8.2 put your music in DANfiles

9 you can customize the menu background adding a pictures in DANFILES
9.1 call it backmainmenu(the format is ".jpg")

10 replace your mugen folder in the folder danzey legendary tournament
10.1 install net framework 4.0

notice: the files (.txt) in DANFILES as datawinner.txt and fighters.txt are examples,you must erase the content before playing and replace with your data!
update soon!
Danzey legendary tournament check my channel!
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