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Q: When chars will be released?
A: Later after game release, somes will be after game bug fix, others only after some improvement and maybe more stuffs.

Q: All chars will be released?
A: Probably no, somes chars have a lot of minor changes to gameplay fit with game, so each creator will decide if he want to keep that changes for his release.

Q: I must read XM:SC storys to understand game?
A: Its a fight game, story is not so important, x-men fans should like to see some references, stages and other stuffs of story, but everyone will enjoy it. Btw, game may contain spoilers, just sayng because that was not published at Brasil yet.

Q: Why this char are at game? he/she are not at Second Coming story.
A: Our game is based on that story, not exactly same events and chars.

Q: Its a MVC game?
A: Not really, check gameplay thread, our acurate is more to comics then a capcom game style. each char could have some passive skills, Tank chars will not make huge combos with basics attacks, only agile chars can roll after fall, only flyers have air dash.  But i checked some of most acurate MVC chars, and used same values to poweradd, juggles, pausetimes, prioritys...

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