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F.A.Q. and Credits
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Frequently Asked Questions

Official website:

1. Is this a compilation?
No. With the exception of stages and some other things (see Resource Credits), I made everything myself.

2. May I use your code for (x)?
Yes, you may, so long as you give me credit in the readme of your work.

3. May I edit your character for (x)?
Yes, you may, if you credit me in the readme as the original creator. It would also be nice if you gave me a heads-up about it, but so long as you give me credit I won't be upset and you don't have to do it. A word of warning, though--if the edit sucks, or you're just putting it into a crappy compilation, I'm going to hunt you down and eat your face.

4. X character has a bug!
Report it in the character bug thread.

5. Something's wrong with the screenpack!
Report it in the screenpack bug thread.

6. Are these characters WinMUGEN compatible?
No, they are not. They never will be. Don't try to use them in WinMUGEN and do NOT ask me to convert them.

6a. Are these characters 1.1 compatible/Will Project LENSMAN be moved to MUGEN 1.1?
The current build of the game is not accounting for any changes that MUGEN 1.1 will bring to the table.
The game will also not be ported to MUGEN 1.1 unless I feel that the features in 1.1 will enhance gameplay significantly enough to warrant it.

7. I added a character to the select.def and in the game they--
Do not ADD characters to this game that did not come with it. This is a closed-system game that requires specific states and sprites to work properly in conjunction with the character.

8. The boss in this game is the only one with projectiles! No fair!
He's a robot. Your argument is invalid.

Resource Credits

  • VinceJ--all the stages.
  • Kong--the sprite rips.
  • Elecbyte--some fonts and numbers
  • Jango--Kakuge Yarou announcer's voice.
  • CrazyKoopa--CFJ hitsparks.
  • POTS--the laser effect that I used in the LENSMAN GATLING.


Menu and Select Screen Themes: From the "source game", Kakuge Yarou: Fighting Game Creator (PSX, Japan-only)
Kaneda's Stage: SNK, The King of Fighters 1996 Arranged, "Fairy" (Chizuru Kagura's Theme)
Kai's Stage: CAPCOM, Street Fighter III Third Strike OST, "JAZZY NYC '99" (Alex & Ken's Stage)
Xia's Stage: SNK, The King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match, "Zhe Prime (Nameless)"
Hiko's Stage: Simon Viklund, Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition OST, "CRAZY CHILI DOG" (Urien's Stage)
Tatsuki's Stage: Square-Enix, The World Ends With You Original Soundtrack, "Twister-Gang Remix"
Ai's Stage: Atari, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, "Let The Power Reigns"
LENSMAN'S Stage: Arcsys, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST, "Bullet Dance" (Noel Vermillion's Theme)

Extra Stages
Beach Stage: Simon Viklund, Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition OST, "THE LONGSHOREMAN" (Sean and Oro's Stage)
Courtyard Stage: Takayuki Negishi, Bloody Roar 3 Soundtrack, "You're Dead" (ShenLong's Theme from Bloody Roar 2)
Moonbase Stage: Motoi Sakuraba, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, "Moon Base"
Eerie Countryside: Melty Blood Act Actress Again, "End of a Thousand Years" (Red Arcueid's Theme)
Derailed: Melty Blood Actress Again, "Wonderful Boy" (Shiki Tohno's Theme)
Demon Lair: Arcsys, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST, "Thin RED Line" (Arakune's Theme)
Greek Ruins: Capcom, Super Street Fighter IV, T. Hawk's Theme
Egypt - Ancient City: Capcom, Super Street Fighter IV, Vega's Theme
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