Vyn's Rock for 1.0 (Read 672 times)

Started by Loud Howard, December 15, 2014, 03:43:52 AM
Vyn's Rock for 1.0
#1  December 15, 2014, 03:43:52 AM
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Yeah, thats it, for some unknown reasom vyn's rock doest work anymore on 1.1

Library error message: Died parsing Command = "braking"

Error detected.

Undefined command label: "Command".
If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD
Error parsing trigger1, 2
Error parsing [State 1100, VarSet]
Error in [Statedef 1501]
Error in special.cns:2434
Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N.
Error loading chars/xRockx/xRockx.def
Error loading p1

Clipboard tail:
Unloading match assets
Freeing players
Game loop init
Versus screen init
End of versus screen loop
Game loop deinit
Gameflow 11
Loading match assets...
Loading stage...
  Loading BG...OK
Stage loaded OK
  Allocating helpers...OK
Match RNG seed: 1776678745
Reset persist vars team 1
Loading character chars/xRockx/xRockx.def...
  Loading info...OK
  Loading cmd command set rock.cmd...OK
  Loading cns rock.cns...OK
  Loading cns normal.cns...OK
  Loading cns special.cns...Character xRockx.def failed to load

does someone has the 1.0 patch, or a working version of it?