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Started by Cyanide, September 01, 2007, 12:15:34 AM
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This is going to sit here rather than tutorials because i'm sure you're not looking there if you're asking these.

Fighter Factory Classic is located here
Use Internet Explorer to download

Asking for help
We're not mind readers. Seriously. We're good at this, which is why we're helping you out but we can't do that if you don't help yourself. This means trying things, and if they fail providing enough information for US to help YOU. "It doesn't work" is the most useless phrase you can give us. Doctors don't diagnose you instantly on the words "I feel sick", we can't solve your problems with the description "it doesn't work".

Information is important.

As of 03/03/2008 [E] and I will not be responding to the phrase "it doesn't work" You will have to muddle along on your own, or hope other users are willing to help you with your undescriptive problem.

How do I make characters
Ok so this is a big thing for so many of you. Basically read around and look at some tutorials. Mugen tutorial on google will give you some decent links. See below advice as well.

How to create a character
There is no magic button. Get some sprites, look at a few other characters, read a tutorial or so and dive in. You will learn more and faster by trying first rather than asking questions.

Ask us if you're completely lost and even the resources available don't help you.

Pallete Problems

Here are the rules for creating a pallete.

Your image must be 256 colours (8 bit)

Your background colour should be something not involved in the sprite. Suggested colours are hot pink or bright green. Emulators like kawaks allow you to set this colour.

You will need something that can handle .pcx files and palletes. Suggested programs are Paintshop Pro, Photoshop or The Gimp. Links available on google.

Your background colour should be the top left colour of your pallete in Paintshop Pro. It should be bottom right in Photoshop. Please ensure it doesn't show up more than once.

When adding sprites to the sff your first sprite should be image 0,0 and shared pallete should be on. Put all your character sprites after this. They should use the SAME pallete as your first image.

Getting Sprites
Complete method varies dependant on emulator however one thing stays the same.

Each frame of an animation must be saved as a seperate image. You can draw them in MSpaint if you like. You can rip them from an emulator. You can take another characters sprites and turn him into something else. There is no specific correct method.

Some things can make it easier. But aren't neccessary.

Yes you can do this. Sprites aren't made of iron. They're just data, you can chop and change them any way you wish provided you obey the rules of seperate image for each frame of animation and not using the background colour in your sprites.

My character seems to go into a loop after every attack
You're missing the common1.cns. Make sure this line is in your .def file

stcommon = common1.cns

My character can't hit anyone
Make sure you have red collision boxes in the animation.
Make sure the trigger isn't something like animelem = 1000
Animelem = 2 is much more reliable
Make sure the movetype of the attack is movetype = A

My character randomly disappears

Make sure you actually have the sprites in your sff file
Make sure you're using the correct group and image numbers in your animation
Make sure you're using the correct animation
Make sure time is NOT 0 on any frame of the animation
Make sure the animation is not duplicated within the .air file.

How do I code ________!?

Find a character with that effect and see how they do it. There is also this forum
and this one
And this thread

All of which contain how to's for the common stuff. Use these first, then come back with bugs.

How do I make my character accurate

You study the game, you pause it and take note of positions. You use the frame step function to count ticks. Basically you do a lot of work. No magic button. There is no easy way to do this.

My attack isn't coming out

The .CMD file is read from top to bottom. If you have the changestate for a more complex command occuring after a simple command the simple command will be read in. As such, the complex command will never be read. Order should be complex then simple.

I've just done X in the .air and mugen is crashing

Are you using Fighter Factory's templates? Don't. The data in them is randomly corrupt and you will get a better job using KFM in the mugen folder. Alternatively you can make use of my contained in narutorial2 which i know is not corrupt and is stripped down much further than KFM.

Remember above all else

Try first, try many times. Try until you think you're close, then try some more. People are more willing to help you if you sound like you know what you're doing, and have missed some obscure point than if your question is "Dragon punch it doesn't work what do i do?"

In M.U.G.E.N there is no magic button

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.
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