My 20th Mugen Anniversary (Read 2294 times)

Started by O Ilusionista, December 02, 2019, 09:11:59 PM
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Re: My 20th Mugen Anniversary
#21  December 03, 2019, 01:28:20 PM
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Happy Anniversary, man!
Re: My 20th Mugen Anniversary
#22  December 03, 2019, 02:29:18 PM
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Happy birthday my friend, is good to see in here today making more of your creations.

I'm here for help if you need, ever.

PS: MaKoTo_KuN is my nickname in old MGBR Forum, I like to remember of these days.

Thanks for being a good friend for all those years ;)

Yo, happy anniversary... mine's has probably been passed but too lazy to keep track and write up such long and exquisite post ;)

Another dinossaur, lol. It's funny how much old people I gathered at my post (specially at FB). People like Lasombra Demon, Kain the Supreme, Bea Chong Wang, Ex-Inferis and many other old people like you. It's cool to see those old guys around

Well damn... and just as our Mugen dinosaur asses caught up lol. But man, that post takes me back. 20 years really did creep up.

I remember sites like Street Mugen, MugenBR, BMT, and Mugen China to name a few when I first started making my roster around 2002. BMT characters like MB-01/02, Blaze Agent, and Dark Bolt were some of my favorites back in the day, especially Blaze Agent. I even remember when he was a W.I.P. Pitting them against Reu's Evil Ken and Ryu and having them as bosses were some great times. And funny you bring up MCM. It still baffles me to this day how you guys managed to code with the tools you had at the time.

Anyway, it was dope to finally meet you years later as a fellow creator around 2011 at CSX. Had some fun times in the Xat chatroom. Been cool ever since. And once again, it's awesome you're still in the game my friend. Very passionate individual!

Man, to code back on that day was a huge PIA. Airviewer (or Aireditor, I can't remember its name) was a dos program which could crash out of nowhere and you would lose your .air file.

Thanks for the nice words :)

Happy Anniversary, dude!

To this day Pocket O Ilusionista along a Pocket Terry is still a sticky in my roster.
Love your versatile works and whatever the future holds for you, I hope it's awesome!

Wow, that was a blast from the past - I totally forgot about Pocket Ilusionista. I should remake him someday, huh?

Happy Anniversary, man!
Thanks dude. You are an inspiration to me.

Thanks everyone for the support :)
Re: My 20th Mugen Anniversary
#23  December 03, 2019, 03:49:05 PM
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Congratulations Ilu :)

Between ourselves, I discovered Mugen around 2001 and I was your regular visitor to the Mugen BR site: thanks to that site I was able to constantly follow the Mugen releases. ;)
Re: My 20th Mugen Anniversary
#24  December 08, 2019, 02:48:06 AM
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20 years... jesus!

i met the engine during the early days of compilations even on CD's and lan houses with stuff like DBZ Dos mugen installed
Took interest in finally posting and even do some stuff at the late 2000's when thanks to an old games forum which i ended up meeting all of the BR mugen community forums like MGBR, PDM, Fighters and such.

Re: My 20th Mugen Anniversary
#25  December 21, 2019, 12:21:47 PM
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Jesus, O Ilusionista....

you're a fucking hero and a fucking idol to me, and to other Mugenites out there!! thank you for your 20 years of being with us!! i am truly happy that you have been in Mugen for the past 20 years, i mean seriously?! you're a real legend!!
my, Money...!
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