Corona virus...where do you live and how have your life changed  (Read 383481 times)

Started by Cong Fu Man, March 13, 2020, 01:36:56 AM
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Re: Corona virus...where do you live and how have your life changed
#361  January 10, 2022, 04:12:23 PM
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wish everyone a speedy recovery, got covid from 5 days ago (Scary Thing is that I may have had it even before that) so now i'm stuck home for 5more days
Re: Corona virus...where do you live and how have your life changed
#362  January 11, 2022, 01:45:17 AM
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Hi guys!  Long time no see!

Sheesh... Where do I begin?

1st wave of COVID made me realize I needed to quit my dead end job and eventually went and worked another dead end job with my then fiancé.  My fiancé and I continuously argued and eventually were a thing but not a thing... kind of thing, if that makes sense to anyone.  During this time, I also met this nurse who for some reason really liked me.  We started dating eventually.

2nd wave of COVID made me realize life was stagnant and I quit the latter mentioned job along with my then fiancé as well (I was fucking miserable).  I began dating nurse months later and we became rather close.  She understood me.  Somehow.  Later, went active duty and completely left all possessions, my home and old life working with the Army in stations such as Mexico, New York and eventually the Invasion in DC 2021.

3rd wave of COVID I eventually was deployed to various COVID sites vaccinating folks by the thousands.  By a miracle of fate or something, I worked with nurse, had kids and am expecting twins.  Everyone except Nurse and I has COVID at the moment due to vaccination so we are currently quarantined.  I eventually began cross trained in cyber security due to stuffs and in process to GTFO of the Army and work computers as a civilian due to family.  There is like tons more but that's the run down. 
I still see some old heads here and there (StormEX, C.A.N) on FB but I rarely come here nowadays.  Good to see some familiar faces however.

TL/DR I gotz kids and new bae.
Re: Corona virus...where do you live and how have your life changed
#363  January 18, 2022, 07:31:56 PM
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Guess who's covidtose? Yeah, me!! I'm living in Madrid and here there's A LOT of covid positive, but luckily, not as deadly as in the 1st wave. I also have my 2 vaccines, so...I'll spend some days at home. I don't like this a lot, because I HATE to be still, so i told my boss if I could telework. He said that not, that it would be better to me to rest and get fine soon. So I'll be reading and spriting, mostly :/.

Oh, and yeah, the symptoms. I had an intense headache, several pain in my eyes(hipertension, while I'm just the opposite), hard cough, shivers, 39º fever...I'm a total waste hahahaha.
I swear there was something cool here!!
Re: Corona virus...where do you live and how have your life changed
#364  January 22, 2022, 06:40:27 PM
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It's official, i got COVID and had no smell and taste for 6 days. My folks got some too and now my dad is in the hospital. Now just spending home doing stuff. Whatever you do, be careful and wear a mask while outside.

Good news and a big update. I'm cured from the virus and i got a recovery certificate, meaning i can go to a movie, restaurant, a bar or even things i couldn't go in during the pandemic. I have access for a whole year. As for my dad, he's covid-free, but still in the hospital for some recover. Now i know how it sucks to have a virus like that, some might have the worst, while others are just lucky and have mild-fever.