Help Searching for Characters (Read 510 times)

Started by trimega, July 19, 2021, 02:54:53 AM
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Help Searching for Characters
New #1  July 19, 2021, 02:54:53 AM
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I want to make sure i'm not missing something. say i want to search for 'ryu mvc'. is the best thing to use the 'search this board only' function under 'your releases' board? the results seem like a bit of a mess.

I like the filters on the release board; i guess i was expecting to be able to get back a search result (with filter) that looked the way the screen looks when i click 'your releases' (hope that makes sense).

when i use the method described above, I get a long list of posts, unlabeled with the useful character/stage/x/n markers, many of which have nothing to do with a ryu download (i can't seem to search by the titles of posts alone).

am i indeed missing something? any info might help; thanks for reading.

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