mugen / ikemen services for money?? ( no not those services., click and read on) (Read 17400 times)

Started by kiLabee, September 22, 2021, 10:50:29 AM
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mugen / ikemen services for money?? ( no not those services., click and read on)
#1  September 22, 2021, 10:50:29 AM
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hello, This is a long read if you want to get a TL/DR version well pal, this isn't it....but!  to all who dare,... much power to you, hope you had coffee
and lets read on along...

I am fairly new to MUGEN/IKEMEN as a content creator,  but i have been around the times back in 2005, crazy world back then,
I have a legitimate question. why did people not commission your pixel art for mugen? back then???
there are a TON of things released on this platform over the years and it has a cult following.
so many talented people have made some really amazing things.
and rightfully so, mugen has some very crazy moments over the years. its like some dream match up.
even people just stumbling up on saltybets or youtube algorythm black hole you see mugen pop up from time to time.
people have put things out for free and i know that mugen itself is a engine. many people love the engine and its great.

i know we cant sell mugen complilations with music and sprites from other games...BUT!!!!

WHAT IF???....

you make a 1v1 fighting game with a stupid arcade run.

and at the end of the game its like a marriage proposal....IDK all of the sprite work and comission is a per user basis.

how much would you charge? and would you even fucking buy it??


chances are NO, but , what if you sell your creator service??
as a commission?  they create a small one on one fighting game
you create two pixel art characters all original but they get to design and work out gameplay with you.

you get paid money half on start and full payment when finished.
upon payment there would be a business agreement between two people and thats it done.

if they decide to release it online or whatever and "share" your work thats up to them.
they place the money up front for whenever someone commissions it for however much it cost and you charge the money.
( now this right here is a whole other fucking bag of shit and a headache by itself already) but on average like what if you create things like a lot of content creators this is just an idea what if????

you offered this service to them and how much it would cost and is it even fucking legal to do so??
on top of that you take the time to sprite and animate which already by itself is a pain in the ass to do.
but, we love games so we trudge on. right????

look, the reason i am asking is legitimately

can you do this and if yes, then why have other content creators do this more often??

making things in mugen is already a pain in the ass but why not make something out of it?

with being a content creator why wouldn't you sell your pixel art?
with that i mean like can you even just straight up sell your sprite work online?....
i am legit curious as to why others don't adopt this as a standard??

could you? tough??
is that shit even legal?
lets say you tell someone hey" i will pay whatever crypto currency or whatever choice and i will sprite edit you a character

heres my sprite work and prototype blah blah blah blah.....
can you even do it in something you can show off and be like hey....i am a sprite artist and i can code characters in this weird ass game engine that uses a language that doesn'tr eally make sense but its well documented, iI an create you a shitty rip off of a ( insert __________ character name with godawful gameplay  and design here)   
will make  (insert whatever character here)

Re: mugen / ikemen services for money?? ( no not those services., click and read on)
#2  September 22, 2021, 02:51:26 PM
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- Back then, the payment avenues were not as plentiful, reliable, nor as quick as they are today (<3 CashApp... too bad it's not available internationally). Besides, Mugen drama back then was so bad payment would have just been a new territory for issues.

- Reliability is an extreme problem - Cashing and dashing is very real even in the Mugen community, frequently so. You're definitely not paying half up front because if someone decides to ghost you, you're SOL. Then there's also the widespread lack of understanding of the commissioner's time and the frequent thought that many have of, 'I can communicate with him/her when I feel like it (at days/weeks worth intervals)' <- This is an epidemic.

- Many people don't have the appropriate funds to commission others and Mugen isn't really a top priority for many who do
Re: mugen / ikemen services for money?? ( no not those services., click and read on)
New #3  October 09, 2021, 04:20:52 AM
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Interesting topic and a good point to raise lads.

The mugen community has definitely changed its approach to commissions and paid services in recent years.
Commissions are quite the norm nowadays for all aspects of Mugen, not just characters.
I know several skilled creators doing original spriting/mugen art related commissions frequently.
Personally I've noticed an increasing demand for it in the last 3 years.

Mugen creation in a nutshell is typically 50% coding and C++/Engine knowledge, and 50% digital art/graphic design/animation skills.
Most professional creators I know who do commissions, are primarily freelance graphic/digital artist/game devs,
who just happen to also use mugen, so their commission skills from the online digital art community translate to mugen also.

If you are interested in Mugen commission related stuff or are considering setting yourself up to offer your skills as a commission creator,
you may find these mugen commission FAQ guides helpful for your personal ventures as it raises many of the points you mentioned:

It's more of a guideline than anything but definitely relates to your topic and what you have mentioned. I hope it helps you in some way buddy :)

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