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Started by CpnCrossfader, September 10, 2021, 07:22:14 PM
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Indiana Jones
New #1  September 10, 2021, 07:22:14 PM
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Very happy to share with you a project that I have put a lot of time and effort into...
Introducing Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr!   (download link at bottom)

Another totally original pop culture character, using Trevor KOFA (by Evil Orochi? I think) as a starting point for modifying sprites.

Lots of references from all films, including:

QCF a = Staff of Ra (direct the beam of light at your opponent with movement stick) (this move requires half a level of XP to use)
QCB a = Floor Spike Trap. Indiana rolls out of the way to avoid the booby trap, but will his opponent?
QCF x/y = Whip Swing. Swing kick across the screen (inspired by the Cat Woman character).
QCB x = Gun draw. Will he have brought his gun (like in Raiders- 60% chance), or will he have lost it (like in Temple of Doom- 40% chance)?
QCF b = Spear duck. Belloq's tribe are not happy with Dr Jones!
QCF c = Rolling Boulder. Iconic! (requires a level of XP to use).
QCF z = Slide sweep kick (don't forget your hat, Dr Jones)
a + x = Holy Grail. (Take a sip from the carpenter's cup to heal any injuries). You chose.... Wisely.
back, forward, x/y/z = Whip crack
forward, back, x/y/z = grab and pull opponent closer with whip

There are 7 randomised stance animations (lucky dip each time you stand still), 5 randomised different get up animations after trip, and 6 intros, all featuring classic film moments/characters.

There is a palette for each of the films (in order of release). The colours have been separate for arms, but only Temple of Doom is sleeveless.


15/9 -
  • Made "Indiana Jones and the _____" title graphics very slightly smaller and repositioned for people with different resolutions. Hard for me to test this- looks fine on my version.
  • Altered hitflag for grab to not allow air, and also set p2 snap position to slightly closer. (suspect there may still be work to be done with this move, but so far tests ok.)
  • Made all strike attacks slightly quicker/smoother.
  • Removed Cross of Coronata stance sound clip, as was bleeding into other move sounds. Potential similar issue with "Penitent Man" kneeling sound clip, but left that one in for now.
  • Made Staff of Ra slightly easier to control (but still not TOO easy!)
  • Added hit sounds for whip swing and light punches.
  • Added a few collision boxes which were missing for a couple of strike frames.
  • Slightly edited the timings on the Spear throw animation.
  • Shaved a (very) little time off the Gun fail animation. Want to keep this risk/reward element.

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Re: Indiana Jones
#2  September 15, 2021, 06:50:56 AM
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The amount of love to the movies and details here is very impressive. I do not intend to sound harsh, but the character is very messy and buggy. Sounds usually triggered by idles overlap and don't stop when Indy shifts to do anything else, his grab pummel can whiff if he grabs a foe as they are moving, his basic moves are very slow and cannot combo and sometimes unsafe on hit, and Staff of Ra is very, very sensitive and hard to aim. I also personally think "I forgot the gun" outcome shouldn't leave him vulnerable for some long as it is a simple projectile.

Despite all, I greatly respect the references and the "Indiana Jones and the ___ Round" pop-up a bunch. (It shows up extremely large on my Mugen and cropped mostly offscreen.) I would really like to suggest possibly collaborating with a creator to handle coding since the sprites are fairly solid edits of Trevor. Indy has a lot of potential.
Re: Indiana Jones
#3  September 15, 2021, 09:22:12 AM
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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to review, and also comment on my character!
I would also like to thank you for your polite and constructive criticism, which I'll try to address below:

The sound clips overlapping were intentional, but perhaps misjudged. The problem, I believe, lies with one specific sound; the motif that plays during the randomised stance if Indie pulls out the cross of coronata.
I set the trigger so that it wouldn't play straight away, but that you have to have a few ticks of idle first (this is so that if you stopped for a split second it wouldn't start the sound, despite not seeing the animation), however as it's such a small sound clip I didn't cut it out if you then start moving once it has started. I concede that if you were to go straight from coronata stance to Staff of Ra for example, the sound would have a messy crossover, so I take this on board and will likely remove the coronata sound entirely in my next edit.

Again, the slow attacks were also an intentional decision on my part- it's a theme with a lot of my characters that their melee strikes are a bit slow and clumsy as a way of incentivising the special moves. I think more than ever it fits with this character, because in the films he often relies on improvisation or trick tactics to win fights rather than combat ability.
However, I will reconsider and have a look at speeding them up a little as a middle ground between the two! After all, I do want him to be fun to play!

I'd never created a move like the Staff of Ra before (a steerable projectile), and I totally agree about it being fiddly, however, I liked how it came out so I left it this way- I didn't want it to be overpowered. I think it's easy to hit your opponent with it, but difficult (but not impossible) to track and follow your opponent to get multiple hits. I like this, it takes a bit of skill and makes it fair. I will not reject your suggestion though, I'll have a think and play with it a bit.

I have tested the grab and agree that there are situations where it becomes misaligned. This is not something I immediately know how to fix so if anyone can offer a solution or help with the grab, I'd appreciate it, but I will attempt to fix it myself in the meantime. I assumed it needs to snap the opponent to a certain position on move hit, but this doesn't seem to fix it.

The gun draw, if I'm honest, I don't like the move at all. After the rolling boulder, I'd say it's one of the most iconic scenes from the films, and references two separate films, so this is why I left it in.
I liked the idea of it being successful 60% of the time and getting a cheap hit through a fast projectile, but on 40% of the time it leaves you vulnerable. It balances it out in my opinion. Perhaps it is too long though, you might be right. The thing I worry about is if it is obvious enough that the move has failed, rather than it seem like it's simply not working! To be honest though, I'd rather just scrap this move entirely. I'll have a think.

The text background was intended to start small and end big, like it does in the films, but even when it's big it is still readable and on the screen (like in the screenshot above, although it goes slightly bigger than this) on my computer. I wonder if it's a resolution thing? It sounds like it is a different size for you.

Thanks again for your feedback, I'll likely send an updated file out in the next day or two.
Re: Indiana Jones
#4  September 15, 2021, 10:47:58 AM
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I've actually managed to find some time this morning so have applied all changes (see bottom of original post) and updated the link.
Please let me know if anyone finds anything else!