My first sprite project : Toto, football fighter (Read 7360 times)

Started by ZobdoS, September 28, 2021, 12:12:29 PM
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My first sprite project : Toto, football fighter
#1  September 28, 2021, 12:12:29 PM
    • France
Hello I'm working on a not so simple project : "simplistic mugen fighting game"

Intro :
The idea is to make a fighting game as easy to play as Fantasy Strike by sirlin games
The roaster is inspired by me and my friends in real life. Doing sprites is a quite long process so I tried to limit the number of frames at its minimum : start up-active-recovery

Here is my first sprite sheet, I'm using Piskel to draw and edit my sprites. (After assembling every one of them I realised I missed a recovery frame for specials)

Description :

This character, Toto,  is a shoto, (charge projectile, anti air jab, long reach push, low kick that can't be touched by high strikes, I may add a flash kick as dp)

n = neutral, b=back, f=forward, and j=jump

Do you have any suggestions ? This is my first submission, and the final result is not so bad (some black lining disappeared)

link in case i screwed up my img insert :
Re: My first sprite project : Toto, football fighter
#2  January 31, 2022, 09:37:01 PM
    • France
Hi all ! It's been a while, I'm not far from finishing to draw the sprites for my second character Ben ! Yay, 2 more to go ! + the stages, life bar and title screen...

Here is a presentation of Toto the football fighter. I inspired myself from the fantasy strike character graves for the move set, and a little bit jaina too...

I would like tips to make combos easier :
 -  basic combo is nA,nB => jab, fireball
 -  advanced combo is jA, nA, nB
How does the combos counter works ? can we cheat it ?
I feel like adding some hitstun to JA would do the trick as nA,nB is already kind of a combo when i don't use jA beforehand

My characters will have between 6 and 10 HP so one hit = 1 hp as in fantasy strike, thi sis why kfm has little damage

Here is a preview of my grappler character :