Compare MUGEN SSF, and Palette (Read 5238 times)

Started by Dronekiller123, September 27, 2016, 08:58:29 AM
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Compare MUGEN SSF, and Palette
#1  September 27, 2016, 08:58:29 AM
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Compare MUGEN SSF, and Palette

SFF is a file contain sprite sheet of project, and contain palette to coloring. The Different version of MUGEN make different feature of Palette. Well, this will explain about feature

(The Version Number are according Fighter Factory 3,which found below window)

 - Version   (WINMUGEN)

 - Version   (MUGEN 1.0)

 -Version   (MUGEN 1.1)

- Ver   (WINMUGEN)

An Older Version of MUGEN, the SFF read Palette file (.act) in Project Folder. Only read 12 Palette file, According Mugen Button( for above Palette 6, use Start Button to access 7 - 12 Palette)

Unfortunately, Not use on Higher version of SFF







(Palette up to “Pal12”)

- Ver   (MUGEN 1.0)

A Stable version, Palette is inside SFF and State Control “Remappal” allow read any Palette inside SFF

[Palette Keymap]

x = 1 ;Press button X to select palette 1, etc.

y = 2

z = 3

a = 4

b = 5

c = 6

x2 = 7 ;Hold Start and press button X for palette 7, etc.

y2 = 8

z2 = 9

a2 = 10

b2 = 11

c2 = 12

- Ver   (MUGEN 1.1)

A Beta Version with support TRANSPARENT ALPHA COLOR

Let’s take look this sample

   Version / Version      


Palette and Character View

(MUGEN 1.1)


You can see the Transparent Color Box.(Alpha 128)

Well? Which version did you use?

As many feature of MUGEN, many user always using older version for reason.

So, I would like if all these feature become one in coming version of mugen