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There is a big difference between flaming/harrassing and someone taking offence at "Shut up"

Now, stop playing devils advocate.

I'm not playing devils advocate (not this time anyway).  I'm just trying to understand exactly WHAT you are trying to achieve by rewriting the "be nice" rule and making whatever you decide enforceable.  Because again I repeat, it's so subjective that who is going to decide what to enforce? 


Edited to add for clarification:  you are talking about changing a rule thats impossible to enforce and I dont have a clue how anything as subjective as good manners and respect for fellow poster can be translated into a rule.  It seems to me the people who come crying to mommy are only trying to get someone else in trouble and they will use any rule you make in the same way they are now. Make using the report post feature excessively to whine a bannable offense (And tell them if they are going to report a post for a valid reason,  that a quick look to see if that post has already been reported is a good idea.).  Tell people to watch how they argue, that an attack on ideas is ok, an attack on person is not (ie: "your ideas are stupid", not "YOU are stupid"), tell people to think before they post, tell people if they are offended by someone's remarks to them to send that person a PM first and wait for an answer before getting moderators involved.    People who don't know the meaning of common sense or common decency don't belong here.

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We could do away with it and leave nothing of the sort there, its a point. If someone reads the rules, sees nothing about flaming and goes about flaming its not like they are material to keep annyway. 

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  • 日本は素晴らしい国です。