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Started by Messatsu, January 24, 2004, 03:29:48 AM
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Perfect axis
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This will work for any game that you can play on your computer.  Emulated or through your PC (GGX).  You first need to download ArtMoney. (This tutorial assumes you know how to rip and get correct axis from KOF debug bios method)

Next, you need to find the address of the X and Y position data.  
Start your game, then start up ArtMoney.  Go under the option, "Select Process" to select the game you are running from the program manager.  From here we will use the Search button.  We don't know the values that are there, so we will use search for unknown value.  As the position changes on the screen (walking forward/backward or jumping up/down) you need to pause the game and use the Sieve button.  When our player moves forward we will want to use value increased by an unknown amount.  When our player jumps up we will want to do the same thing.  Repeat until you have isolated the addresses for the X and Y positions.

Next step is finding and maintaining a center
It is important that the screen never scrolls.  I use a corner so that I don't have to worry much about scrolling in the X direction.  Once we have the position addresses, we can rip (sort of) the same way you do from the KOF debug screen.  You want to select an axis that has the entire sprite viewable at all times.  You may want to write this number down, you will be using it hundreds of times.  You need to find the position changes associated with the move on a tick basis, or at least when the animation changes.  Remember, all game data is one tick ahead of what is actually happening on screen.  There isn't a better way explain this other than providing an example.

An example:
Let us say we have a sliding kick move.  Let us also pretend that we have found a good axis at the position, 19X, 124Y.  On the sixth tick of this imaginary move, the player moves five pixels forward.  We can see this in Artmoney, but know that this won't be applied until the seventh tick.  Using this we recenter our axis.  On the sixth tick of the move we adjust the axis by inputting 14X(19-5) and 130Y(124+6)(I am assuming when airborne that the fall velocity on the first tick is 6 pixels down).  We advance the frame and rip the image.

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