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Started by Odb718, June 04, 2017, 03:09:23 PM
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Remove Black Outlines from Images
#1  June 04, 2017, 03:09:23 PM
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Over the years I've come across sprites I'd have loved to use, except there was an outline around the effect or a character sprite.
Well, in the last 2 days I've come up with a sort of method to remove it the best I can. The result comes out pretty decent.

As you can see I lose a little bit of detail, mainly because I decided to reduce the colors A LOT. The final product is like 65 colors including the transparent color. I'm working on my Muramasa stage and there's no work-around for the black outline. So here's how I got rid of it.

I use Fighter Factory 3 for the tutorial.

Step 1: Make your palette
So you got your palette already. But the black outline is scattered? Follow This Tutorial to move the edge(s) to a group you can sort out.
Once you have the dark edges where you can easily pick them, Save the palette, Save the character. Exit and Reopen the character for luck.
Import the sprite again so it looks "good". (Like the middle image above)

This is my first palette for the sprite(s).

You can see my black outline are on the bottom of the two sets of color groups.

Step.... Major Step 2: Open a new, blank, project in FF3.
Import 1 of the sprites you're editing. Open the palette using Advanced Palette Editor. Highlight all of the black outline colors using the eyedropper.
Click the Image or Palette button so you're working on the right side palette. Use the Remove Duplicate colors button and change them to your transparency's color.
Send the selected boxes to the right, DO NOT SEND THE COLORS. (The bottom button in between the two palettes).
Use the Send Selected colors to the left palette. (The top button in between the two palettes).

^^I'm using a blue for my mask color^^ and yes I cheated in this image. I decided to make this tutorial after doing the palette. That's why you dont see all pink on the right palette.
Save the changes to the palette.

Import All of your sprites that need to have the outline removed to the new project, from the original character, using the Exchange with the Specified Palette option.

You should get something that looks like the black outline is gone! 

Except the black outline isn't gone yet....                                         It's hiding in plain sight!!!

Major Step 3: Import your sprites back
Go back into the original character. In the original palette you're working with, the one we made with the black on the bottom, Change all of the colors you want to get rid of to another color you know your image doesn't use. Like Pure Blue!

Save it as a new palette number!!
My transparent color is the only Magenta color available in the palette. This is important. Because out black outline is now pink in the new project, we're going to import the sprites back to get rid of them for good.
Use the Import Sprites option, select the new project if you have a 3rd character open, input the group's number, Use Renumber and Add a number so you dont have duplicate numbered sprites, and finally, use the Force the Specified Palette (adapt the image) option and input the new palette number you just made. For me it's 0,56.

You should end up with a sprite without the black outline. Like my 3rd example up top.
Delete your original, outlined, group of sprites if everything looks good. SAVE! Then use the Rename Group option to edit the new group to the old group's number so any animations you've made will work. SAVE AGAIN!

If you're unlucky enough where the black outline colors are used internally you'll have to do a color-separation by hand.
As you can see, one of my black outline colors wasn't with the group. Using the eyedropper to select your colors will help sort them out.
You may be able to skip the step of sorting the colors into groups by using the eyedropper very carefully. Just make sure when you move your transparent color from right to left you don't cover a color you dont want to lose.
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