The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)  (Read 371033 times)

Started by Kamekaze, August 22, 2014, 01:16:12 AM
Re: The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)
#201  January 02, 2021, 04:48:15 AM
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One more bounty!

Commissioner: Suprizle
Characters: Makoto
Commissioning: Extending Makoto's CS sprites further. Preferably something like this.

If you are down to do it or know anyone, let me know via PM.
Re: The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)
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Character: Mignon Beart
Commissioning: Full sheet with edit of stand animation from previous commission and existing Chuchoryu animations (if possible).

I'm looking to expand my Mignon Beart stand animation commission into a full spritesheet to funnel into a character.

Style: CvS

References: Stand animation in MI2

Edited Troy99 commissioned stand animation

Price Range: $250-350 would probably be my estimated cap. Definitely want to do a single payment as opposed to payment per animation, as it was a pain in the ass to get even one payment made to my last commission artist. Just give me your price and I'll talk about it with someone else. (I still don't own the money I'm using for this.)

Time Frame: n/a, but regular updates would be appreciated.

BOUNTY STATUS: Potentially claimed
Spriter: Troy99
Status: Figuring out money transfers (again...)
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Re: The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)
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Commissioner: SeanAltly
Commissioning: Stance animation based on static sprite
Info: I am looking for someone to take this static sprite of my current WIP and animate it. I've never been good with subtle, sub-pixel type stuff, and that's what I'm looking for here, just some breathing and a little up and down movement. Here's the sprite with the color separation I'm using:

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Price Range: I'm hoping this won't be too pricy since I'm just looking for 4-5 frames, so something like $20-25 but I am open to negotiation
Time Frame: As long as you need but I hope not too long, I am about halfway through the rest of his sprites

Bounty Status: Claimed
Spriter: Guillotine
Status: Completed

All my stuff is open source, you never need permission to use anything I make. Just have fun!
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Re: The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)
#204  February 10, 2021, 04:54:10 PM
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Commissioner: DivineWolf
Character: Haohmaru
Commissioning: Refined Air Tornado Special Animation

Spoiler: animation/color reference (click to see content)

Spoiler: informations (click to see content)

Spriter: N/A
Status: Pending