Tutorial - Improving your special FX for games and Mugen (Read 5063 times)

Started by Revanto, February 16, 2018, 03:05:57 AM
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Tutorial - Improving your special FX for games and Mugen
#1  February 16, 2018, 03:05:57 AM
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Hey guys,

Six months ago I suggested my friend make a tutorial about game FX such as hits sparks and etc... He finally got off his lazy ass and finished it yesterday.

I helped out a bit and I'm glad he gave me some credit in the vid. Audio is crap but he never did have the best sound equipment. I asked as to why he didn't do the vid in at least 720p but he said that 480p was fine with him. He felt there was no need to go to higher resolutions.

Anyway, enjoy the fruits of his labour. It took like a month for him to get it done. Most of that was making the new intro/outro and tweaking. Glad I don't do tutes anymore myself based on the amount of work needed.

Revanto  ;P
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