What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever? (Read 64988 times)

Started by Balthazar, March 12, 2014, 08:40:40 PM
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#281  May 15, 2016, 09:50:08 PM
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Well, I guess I can do some shameless self-promoting every now and then:

Yeah, for my own full-game in the works. Tifa will come before Asura since her and Ryu will be the templates off which I make the rest of the cast, and how I organize things, like SFF/AIR related shenanigans.
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#282  October 29, 2020, 11:12:34 PM
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I’ve been sitting on a Quick Man that would have started a fullgame based on MMPB/PF for some time... This fullgame would have been based on Cyberspider’s Megaman characters, where the RMs would have six basic attacks of varying usage, plus Hypers using just two buttons. Weakness weapon finishes, interestingly, would have resulted in an X4/X5-style firey explosion death instead of the usual “Bew-bew-bew!” that would happen normally. Megs himself would be playable as well, though I’m not sure what style he would have had. I was also trying a MASA-esque (pause menu, source accuracy) Sash Lilac. A few other MASA-style characters I wanted to do included an MK1 Scorp/Sub/Reptile.

Famicom Fighters went on to inspire me to try my hand at drafting concepts for a Sonic fullgame with a similar gameplay. GBA sprites, as usual. Gameplay speed would be inspired by Darkstalkers, so no superpause, but gameplay control would be close to Famicom Fighters with its PKG system as opposed to 4/6 buttons. There’d be some sort of representation for EVERY incarnation of Sonic, from Fantail to the Movie, from player characters to stages. There would have been guests on top of that.

Also, I’ve been thinking of an ELECTR0-style (SF2-ish sprites and MVC gameplay) Karin Kanzuki for quite some time... Once I finish her, R. Mika, Juni/Juli, Shermie, Arcueid, and B. Jenet seem likely... And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of characters I’m considering for that style! There’s a bunch of Ranma, YYH, and other 90s anime characters I want to do, Saber seems like a pretty nice choice, Menat could be made from Titi from Martial Champion, Rera and Rimururu based on SS2 Nako, I even considered some really obscure characters from forgotten doujin games... Even Saya could work.

For the longest time, Manx from Shadow Fighter and Kaori from Shaq Fu have been haunting my mind asking for a conversion of worth. I wonder if I should even bother with accuracy for them... The_None's Pupazz and Fakir seem like an okay starting point, but an ELECTR0-style has begun to drown that out.

I really need to brush up on my spriting, especially transferring drawings into sprites or other hand-drawn work, in order to get out such dream projects out as...
* Namira (Mace: The Dark Age) - I COULD base her on Footee from the Asura games... but I think transferring her original animations into a new and improved format would be better. I want to also use Footee as a base for Shantae as well.
** On the latter note, I want to try to make not only Shantae (with a Nega mode and possible "Cursed" mode) but also Risky, Sky, Rottytops, and Bolo all as their own characters. If Shantae DOES have assists, they'd be limited to Uncle Mimic and/or Giga Mermaid. OHMSBY's version has taken a bit of wind out of the sails, but we still need a good standard definition version of her. I was even considering going from there, and making further characters like Squidsmith, Holly, Twitch/Vinegar, some of the Sirens and Half-Genies, possibly even some generic enemies. Possibly a fullgame. If Nintendo doesn't want her, she could sustain a real fighting game herself.
** On the former note; I was thinking about some other lesser-known 3D fighters (I'm surprised Rumble Roses hasn't got even Joey Faust-like sludge), like Kensei: Sacred Fist and Slap Happy Rhythm Busters. Even Thrill Kill could be fun.
* Giving BeanFan112's Abby Archer the “Kinyo Roadshow” treatment with completely improved sprites and gameplay.  CVS characters like Yuri could work as a base for this treatment; else try to match the original show; which seems a bit harder to me.
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#283  October 29, 2020, 11:55:19 PM
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I can see myself doing a lot of stuff in the future. Three characters I'll convert for certain are:

> Ryu with a whole lot of modes.
> VS Raptor and Sasquatch.

I also think I'll eventually pick up at least one of these:

> Nakoruru or Mina..
> Kagami or Kaede. Kagami is my hubbie and I would only do Kaede if oghaki is okay with me using his sprites.
> K'.
> Twelve or Remy. I would like to experiment with buffing a low tier to viability.
> Dictator.
> ROTD Johan adapted to CvSesque gameplay.
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#284  October 30, 2020, 12:11:01 AM
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There is 3 things on my mind atm and i hope I can tackle those after my semester ends :
-Finalize the SF lifebars and hopefully release them.
-Update my mvc lifebars (They really look bland detail wise and I really want them to be on par with the SF one)
-Complete rework the jojo lifebars I made a while back (I dont like how they look anymore lol)
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#285  October 30, 2020, 06:18:24 AM
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Sailor Chibimoon and her alternate universe younger sister Kousagi along with Sailor Chibichibi.

I'm planning on making toy based themed attacks for Kousagi.
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#286  November 04, 2020, 08:25:05 AM
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Idk I’m still on the bitch break but I got plans for future shit when I get to it, and here’s a list of some chars that might make it and some that will most likely get made:
-Scorpion (I mean he has just the fatality to do and I’m done with him)
-Young Joseph (he is my favorite JoJo, but it’ll be tricky to put all his bullshit into a new style)
-DIO (another HFTF main of mine, and it will also be tricky to put all his bullshit into a new style)
-Ukyo (He plays like Sagat so he’s already in)

That’s really all I have planned out for the month that I return.
I’ll still be trying to do my 2-3 character per month routine and all that, but for now I’m just enjoying a good break from it all.
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#287  November 04, 2020, 08:48:59 PM
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Here is a long list of characters I have on my mind but given how slowly and obsessively I work I probably won't even tackle half of them

- Basara, Amakusa, and Mizuki from Samurai Shodown. How I'll approach them still puzzles me to this day due to how the design of the game is tricky to implement in MUGEN.
- Jill Valentine with her MVC2 moveset AND a Resident Evil accurate mode where she has limited ammo, tank controls, and a helper that will fuck up the camera on you. Whether or not I want to make her main mode MVC2 accurate is for me to figure out if I ever get there
- Kasumi from Blood Warrior
- Kim-Maree from Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire
- A C_Evil character made in POTS style
- Chin from KOF '96
- AC Current from Tattoo Assassins
- Lipsyncher from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
- Gengar from Pokemon Type Wild but with like, a good gameplay base.
- Karasu from Ninja Master's but I really gotta think of how I'd approach him
- Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII Goku
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Stryker
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy Sektor
- An "original" UMK3 ninja with a color scheme that's just a random garbled mess of colors named "SHIT"
- MVC2 Marrow with 2 different assist type Marrows for Assists
- Maybe actually try Naga from Battle Monsters again
- KOF debug sprite viewer: the character
- Sin with Sebastian screenpack

And now for the even more unlikely things for me to get to work on because I'm still practicing on my spriting and animation
- Original shit especially Neko Apple Spider
- Smeargle and Mewtwo from Pokemon
- Ultra Touhou (A monstrosity comprised of dead touhou character carcasses merged together)
- Martha from D2
- The cake from hell from Illbleed. Yes he can give pieces of himself to his partner to heal him/her in simul mode.
- Aya from Parasite Eve
- Heather from Silent Hill 3
- Doctrine Dark from Street Fighter EX
- Scias from Breath of Fire 4
- Phelddagrif from Magic The Gathering
- Dennis Hopper Bowser
- Dragon Ball Evolution Piccolo with his moves lifted from the PSP game. Probably made in a rip-off of the Z2 style just for laughs.

Loooking over these...

I really feel Kasumi should be made, and RE1-mode Jill sounds hilarious. Lipsyncher? I even did a custom sprite edit of her once based on her helmetless appearance from Dairanger, and was thinking about giving her a new forward walk (more like a strut), and moves she used in both Mighty Morphin and Dairanger added to her arsenal. Perhaps even her growing in size? From there, one of the Three Ladies could be done, based on the Genesis movie game; I'm thinking about Lady Earring. Top Fighter... I wonder how other characters; such as Johnny Cage, Sonic, or Morrigan, would work in that style? I was thinking a World Heroes 2 fullgame called "World Heroes Perfect" could be hillarious; play as 8-bit monstrosities such as MAC, ARULUE, ESLA, SPONG, ROCKMAN, SCOP, COMBOI, SMAUS, HOGEN, SHADOH, FOPPI, THOMUS, MOON, and GEETO. The final boss would be an actual World Heroes character; JAYNE. YEAIN wouldn't return, though. We first need to handle the NES WH2 cast somehow, though. MTG stuff is severely lacking, even as the game itself is on the verge of becoming just Paper MUGEN at this rate. Someone else mentioned an MTG wizard, which would likely end up as Chandra, so she can finally brawl with the Yugioh cast on an even playing field (I want to kick her butt with DMG out of anger at MTG becoming Paper Mugen). A Dennis Hopper Bowser would be even neater now that we have Bob Hoskins Mario. Now all we need after him is Movie Daisy and we will be set.

Another character who's unlikely for me to work on much is... Staphylococcus Aurelius from Cells at Work. The big problem? All the balls that make up her dress! Working on that would be a nightmare. I do have some move ideas for her; she would be able to airdash, she can web enemies up like in the show, her stinger would be used in some kicks, she'd have moves like Yellow Devil, and her Level 3 would have her combine with a bunch of others to grow in size for a few moments. I even have winquote ideas! Some of these are references to other things.

"I'm not bad, your body just reacted to me that way."
"Bacteria are charming and debonair, while viruses are ugly and give you warts."
"Only bad bacteria are ugly."

Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe does seem easier for me to handle than the sheer number of spheres that Staph would entail; but which design would I go with? I think her newer costume would be best, as it could be springboarded off of Shantae and the like; and then her original outfit would be her Midnight Bliss. Characters like Rikuo or Zvitor's Aquaman and Namor could serve as inspirations for her watery attacks, but she'd also use physical attacks aplenty with her strong legs. No Peridot helper; she'd be interesting enough on her own. Maybe Pumpkin, one of the human characters, or even Bismuth, though. Ranamon (Digimon Frontier) as well, with moves like a Drainin' Rain that saps enemy life to add power to her, Whippin Waves, and the other hybrids as strikers. The other hybrids would have to be selected at the start of a match and would have 2-5 moves each, similar to Famicom Fighters meets Punisher Warzone. She'd also Digivolve to Calamaramon. (Help me, I might be hooked on hydrokinetics). Kazemon/Fairimon would also work as a rival to her. I could see Kazemon being a charge character with perhaps a rekka. She'd have Shutumon, JetSilphymon, and AncientIrismon available as well. I even found a good base for her; Agariste from Fighting Dragon, who has a similar outfit.

An even weirder pick is... Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was thinking of using King from AOF2 as a base, or even Cammy. Not sure about what moves she'd be using beyond some Krav Maga, and homages to things Indy himself did. I was pretty fascinated by her, and not just because of her outfit... she kinda feels like the perfect rival to Indy; matching his skills and only opposing him due to being on opposite sides of a cold war, in the twilight before it becomes hot. An even WEIRDER live-action film character who I want to adapt is freaking Zara from Jurassic World! She'd function kinda like Jill Valentine meets Cheng Sinzan meets Phoenix Wright. Clumsy normals, but she gains power over time.
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#288  November 06, 2020, 07:13:49 PM
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Finishing my 3 ClayFighter projects now (Bad Mr. Frosty, Boogerman and High Five) and rework on my CF 63 1/3 lifebars... and maybe make my own ClayFighter fullgame for MUGEN would be awesome, as a way to recreate the cancelled 2016 Interplay's CF game before went to bankruptcy.

About projects I want to make in a future... well, my OC Fuego as part of XXX/Blizzard story (as well others and make a full story with them) and make a Juri Zero, a SFA version of Juri Han by taking Chuchoryu's SFF and coding her from scratch. And make more Neo Geo Pocket chars, since MUGEN hasn't much of them (or at least well-made and not just from SVC: MOTM)
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#289  November 15, 2020, 04:56:41 AM
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Mostly filling up missing character(s) in my current roster if no one creates the character(s) and making existing character(s) that are already created in my own style
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Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#290  November 17, 2020, 03:27:27 AM
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> Ryu with a whole lot of modes.
> Dictator

I was gonna edit Ryu & Bison from PotS but... I gotta see that

I gotta list of fighters I wanna edit or make...


01. Chun-Li (CPS+PotS with both attires)

02. Cammy (CPS+PotS with both attires)

-I want to extend her color separation.

-Varo is making the Red Delta version but... Idk if he's going do what Trololo did with Cody. If he does, that will be great. If he doesn't, then I'll do it.

03. Juli

04. Juni

05. Dictator (CPS+PotS)

06. Gouki / Akuma (CPS+PotS)

07. Dan (CPS+PotS)

08. Sean (CPS+PotS)

09.  (CPS+PotS)

10. Haggar (CPS+PotS)

11. Rose (CPS+PotS)

-Varo told me he MIGHT make her but if he doesn't, I will.


01. Wolverine

02. Cyclops

03. Gambit

04. Venom

05. Spider-Woman

06. Storm

07. Punisher

08. Bishop

09. Captain Marvel

10. Rogue

11. Deadpool

-I know infinite already made him but I want Deadpool to have an authentic PotS style gameplay.


01. Geese

02. & 03. Rock & Mai (PotS Style)

-Thank God for Trololo

04. Kyo (EX/XI)

05. Kyo-1

06. Kyo-2

07. Shingo

08. & 09. Andy & Mary

-I know infinite already made them but I want them to have an authentic PotS Style gameplay with CvS graphics

10. Mature

11. Rugal


01. Superman & Bizzarro

02. Flash

03. Reverse-Flash

04. Supergirl

05. Powergirl

06. Batwoman

07. Robin

08. Wonder Woman

09. Green Arrow

10. Black Canary

11. Harley Quinn

I'm not doubtful or pessimistic... but I gotta feeling I'm not going to be able to make all of them. But I will die trying. Because I love CPS and SNK PotS Style. I know I'm not the only one that enjoys the same thing I enjoy. I hope I can get some assistance.
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#291  November 17, 2020, 05:09:07 AM
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The Projects i want to start in the future are Crimson Fighter with sprites from Kakuge Yaro and a King of Fighters full game!

I want to make existing characters from KOF, i now have G.M.Spectre sprites as well as an Mugen screenpack i want to work!
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#292  November 17, 2020, 06:05:09 AM
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Of course I'll be doing the DBZ EB roster, but eventually I plan to do a Pots Style Freeman and Hokutomaru
Re: What Mugen creations do YOU want to MAKE in the foreseeable future, if ever?
#293  November 17, 2020, 10:21:26 AM
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An CvSEsque SF1 geki with an custom gameplay, would love to make that but not really much of a spriter/coder and the current sprites of geki are pretty bleh.