help, i need some ideas (Read 2000 times)

Started by -Eco-, August 06, 2018, 11:52:03 AM
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help, i need some ideas
#1  August 06, 2018, 11:52:03 AM
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hey guys im updating my pikachu, but i dont have ideas to make diferent pals (alternative colors)
if someone want to give me some ideas

here is a picture

thanks for your time
Re: help, i need some ideas
#2  August 06, 2018, 12:13:35 PM
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Well, here are some most obvious, most likely you already have them:
-Shiny Pikachu.

-Raichu/Shiny Raichu:

-Snow Pikachu.

-You could also go for GameBoy styled palette with use of only Black and White colors where you need them. Maybe even to add some gray if things are grim with 2 palettes.