Player-One & NexT One released KOF Nex Tec Screenpack (Read 573 times)

Started by Yagoshi300, December 20, 2020, 06:34:28 PM
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Player-One & NexT One released KOF Nex Tec Screenpack
#1  December 20, 2020, 06:34:28 PM
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Player-One's Description Copy-Pasted from the Youtube Video Above:

--- NOTE: It's Sharkens Team last release of the year. New edits will be released from: 2021 (If everything runs well by then)

Through the time, we (Sharkens Team) have been trying to edit a screenpack, and now we did it.
Here is our version of MUGEN KOF Memorial LVL.2 screenpack: MUGEN KOF Hex Tec.

NOTE: The screenpack also has an edit(char) made by me and a stage made by NexT One, as default.

-- SNK: KOF - The King Of Fighters Series original owner.

-- Zelgadis: Author and creator of MUGEN KOF MEMORIAL Screenpack.

-- Elecbyte: MUGEN.
-- Virtualltek: Fighter Factory.

-- I'm experient at char edits and NexT One at stages,  it's our first screenpack edit, so if some bugs were found, let us know, we'll try to fix it.

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