Raziel Kain 1997 released Scarlet Element  (Read 560 times)

Started by Yagoshi300, December 23, 2020, 01:12:53 AM
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Raziel Kain 1997 released Scarlet Element
#1  December 23, 2020, 01:12:53 AM
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Description Copy-pasted from the video above:

The last time you'll hear from me, that's why I'm going to release the penultimate, true update of element scarlet, the last and definitive one I'll never show it, it's similar to what I showed in this video, but it's even more powerful than this, as I mentioned earlier, maybe and in the future I'll remove all this from my computer and no things will be saved. ,some have 2 of my 5 chars,however, I hope to see them at some point or maybe not...

DL Link:

Homina Homina Homina