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Started by DGJ, August 26, 2007, 07:34:13 pm
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Release forum guidelines
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1) Please select the appropriate message icon for the release you are posting about from the list that's available when you start a new topic.

1.2) You don't need to use textual thread tags like [Stage]! You've already got the message icons for that.

1.3) If the icons aren't showing up in the list, just refresh.

2) Try to be informative and include the name of whatever release you are posting about in the thread subject:
  • "Here comes the ninja!  Naruto released by T@KA" or "Ryu (Breath of Fire) updated."
  • not "The darkness has finally arrived in MUGEN..."

3) Recommended information to include in the post body:
  • game or other source of origin (if any) that your release came from
  • a screenshot of how the release looks in action in MUGEN

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND that any time you make something publically available on the Internet there is a possibility that people might take parts of it, or the entire thing, and claim it as their own or do other things you might not agree with.

We strongly believe the damage caused by this is extremely negligible in case of a non-profit hobby like MUGEN, and that if you are uncomfortable with this unchangable fact of the Internet then you are probably best off keeping your releases away from public exposure altogether.

If you do choose to "go private," please understand that it would have to be you who decides whom and how to give access to your release, and that it would be up to you to try and make sure it stays "private," and not us.

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