Unity3D next-gen Mugen like clone (Read 5773 times)

Started by diletDis, August 12, 2018, 06:34:50 PM
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Unity3D next-gen Mugen like clone
#1  August 12, 2018, 06:34:50 PM
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Hi! everyone
this is mainly a question.. if coders arround here would would be interested to work on a "mugen" like clone made in unity 3D
i know there is a fighting "engine" for unity but it aint noob friendly as mugen and to be honest there is really no fighting game engine out there to compete with mugen

there are a good bunch of reasons about why this could be really cool (names all unity3D fancy stuff)
and also one could expand the code if needed (ej get online working. gamemodes. or funky it up and get platforms or whatever one may think of)

i know there are "asset packs" with codes and stuff that one could use but in my experience i found that they dont work out of the box and it would be better to do it from scratch

there is some game called "punch planet" that is made with unity and it was showcased at evo
so this thing is possible... but again there is no engine released
and to be honest that sucks since if we had a modern mugen-like solution mugen community would be kickin' fighting games companys ass..

well the idea is quite obvious i mean.. make a unity 3D mugen based on "standars" as mugen does and keep improvin it til its a sort of basic "engine" to work with.  mainly like what Kung Fu Man is to mugen. a working game template with the features needed to make the stuff u want

personally i started to work on a "port" of the mugen i maded and is really dope to work the stages and graphics out in unity
but since im noob at coding it sucks cuz i either go really slow or usually make mistakes and it just bugs xD
in my opinion if multiple "mugen users" worked on this, this could turn out really cool and useful for everyone wanting to make something simple
the goal being a "next gen" mugen based on unity3D that is simple and user friendly
what i was thinkin was a sort of "hive" game where ppl could get his fighter in and play with others ppl creations or just compete online
or a solution for small indie fighting games that dont require much...

hope u guys give it a thought and reply and get a discussion going
Re: Unity3D next-gen Mugen like clone
#2  August 12, 2018, 07:00:40 PM
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Plenty of engines are better than Unity for getting the next clone engine going (Not that it's bad, per se, it just doesn't appear optimal for the task to me).  If you checked the forums properly you'll see there are lots of attempts at it already.

Personally I'd probably use Godot 3.1 when it drops for such a task, but we have a great engine/framework made in UE4 in the works as well as a couple of others.
Re: Unity3D next-gen Mugen like clone
#3  August 12, 2018, 07:35:13 PM
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thats really cool to read
ive personally tried UE4 and its was a nice experiment but found that it is too much of a task for a single dude
i got nice results with the graphic side of it and other than that i used stolen blue prints to get some basic funcionalitys
i can see why Unity3D has lot of failed project when it comes to fighting genre but that is on a general level it has lot of projects failed on all genres.. so its not really a fighting game thing... atleast to me UE4 is the best shot if u wanna go full next gen but is far from realistic when it comes to a single person tryna do it
i still think that unity3D is best because its main focus is for small teams i dont blame the engine for the failures ( just look at mugen is dated and all but ppl still manage to pull either totall garbage or really amazing stuff) besides the modular aspect of it could make it so ppl could gather stuff from it and make something totally different .. what i mean is like if u got a statemachine player (mugen like) you could easily make a metroid'vania game (wich is a quite popular dream among indie gamedevs) or megaman like game where u scroll stages up and have boss fights. the basic mechanics are still the same the player the environment and such..
ill have a look on godot..
would be much to ask for a picture or a video of what you have on such engines? sounds interesting