[doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021) (Read 5229 times)

Started by MoloMowChow, May 27, 2021, 06:29:46 AM
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[doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021)
#1  May 27, 2021, 06:29:46 AM
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Showcase video (Mild fanservice warning)
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

For M.U.G.E.N v1.1
Make sure the RenderMethod setting in mugen.cfg is set to OpenGL or the sprites won't show.

Download Link (v1.01):

Kuma is a port of a character from Alicesoft's RPG called Dohna Dohna. The game is set in a city controlled by a single powerful corporation that has become disrupted by the emergence of clans: gangs of ne'er-do-wells that perform various criminal acts. Kuma, the main protagonist of the series, is the second-in-command of one such organization: Nayuta. He is tasked with increasing his clan's power through criminal activities. Along the way, he and his allies must contend with rival clans, as well as the corporation itself, while unraveling a greater conspiracy surrounding the city.

Note on Controls:
Just like the last Dohna character I made, Kirakira, this character originally came from an RPG, and lacks any proper movement animations. As such, he doesn't walk back or forward like a normal fighting game character. He can only move via jumps or dashes forward/backward. This also means no crouching either. This can make positioning difficult at times. To compensate, he has a strong moveset that utilizes his long range gun attacks, and his hops forward/backward are mostly invulnerable (except grabs).

He exclusively uses a handgun in the RPG, and ended up being a heavy zoner-type character here as a result. He plays completely different from Kirakira, with his own gimmicks and systems separate from her, and thus should be approached/played differently. He has an ammo system that uses a bullet every time he fires his gun, and must reload periodically. He also has an assist system that allows him to call allies for help, which is a throwback to him being able to do the same in the original RPG. He uses the Assist system to supplement his combat. Combined, this allows him to keep distance and pelt away with his handgun.

For more details on his controls, check out his readme.

Some devblogging for those that care:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

This character was originally made for the purpose of AI vs AI spectacle fights, and wasn't meant for human challenge.
But it is fully controllable, and nothing is stopping you from playing as or against this character.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: [doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021)
#2  May 28, 2021, 06:44:35 AM
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great support char system

any plan to let Kirakira have it?
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Re: [doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021)
#3  May 30, 2021, 05:04:30 AM
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any plan to let Kirakira have it?

I actually recently put out an update for Kirakira, along with fixing bugs and some rebalances, gives her the exact same assist system that Kuma has. But it's basically a straight copy with no modifications. To quote myself from Kirakira's thread:
Kirakira has been given a substantial update. This is to achieve parity with Kuma's release, fix a few bugs, and rebalance her moveset a bit.

You may notice the hefty increase in her filesize compared to her last version. That was because I was originally using her as a test character for making Kuma's assist system, and as such she has all the sprites and code of Kuma's assists in her file too. I was originally planning to make it so that all Dohna characters would be able to use the same system to call other Dohna characters for joint attacks. However, the further I went along making it the more I realized how much work would need to be done to keep it updated for every character. In the end I decided to scrap the idea of making the assist system interchangeable with each character and keep it exclusive to Kuma. I thought it'd be a waste to scrap it on Kirakira though, so I kept it in as an optional toggle in Config.txt for the players to turn it on if they want to. It's set off by default.

The assist system was originally meant for Kuma, and was not balanced for Kirakira's use. There may be bugs or balance issues if you turn on the assists for Kirakira (such as being able to call herself for assists). Her AI uses the assists just fine regardless, if it's activated.

tl;dr i was gonna make the assists system for all dohna characters, but too much work so I gave up
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Re: [doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021)
#4  May 30, 2021, 01:13:27 PM
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i was gonna make the assists system for all dohna characters, but too much work so I gave up

I prefer that, I was slighty disappointed when you (kinda) gave Kirakira the assist system cause of the bloated filesize increase (same for kuma). Although I hope you or someone could do a patch that removes some of the stuff related to the assist system. If you DO intend to make all donHa: donHa chars, I bet it be nice to put it up as fullgame package, also considering that IKEMEN GO might help you with assist system problem. Check it out if you can.

Otherwise, if you think its better to keep it this way, thats fine by me.
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Re: [doHna:doHna] Kuma (Released 05/26/2021)
#5  May 30, 2021, 06:04:47 PM
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Although I hope you or someone could do a patch that removes some of the stuff related to the assist system.

I was thinking making a Kirakira DL without the assist system. To be honest I'm considering just patching out the assist system altogether from Kirakira in a future patch, as after some thinking I felt it doesn't really add anything to Kirakira herself. The whole assist system idea originally stemmed from Kuma being able to do the same from the original game anyways, so it'd make more sense to keep it exclusively to him, considering his ranged gun playstyle.

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