Bar filling root.var issue (Read 443 times)

Started by Plum, February 02, 2020, 10:03:17 PM
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Bar filling root.var issue
#1  February 02, 2020, 10:03:17 PM
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I'm looking over a character that I've been studying for a couple of days now--honestly wasted my entire weekend trying to figure this out, but I'm trying to understand what maybe missing from another character to get this particular code to work. The "Trigger1 = root,var(39) = 50" is the part that honestly is confusing me since I've got everything but the bar itself to fill or function; it's meant to fill up and when the partner is called it's meant to drain by a percent and then slowly being filling again. The problem is that I don't understand /what/ activates the root equation at all, I've narrowed it down to three other state defs after days of trail and error but for the life of me I can't figure out how they interact since the bar stops working /only/ after /all/ three are removed from the character.
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Re: Bar filling root.var issue
#2  February 03, 2020, 09:40:22 AM
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Looking through that, I only see Var(39) mentioned 1x.
Did you use FF3 and use the search bar for Var(39), and V = 39?

More than likely it's in StateDef -2. But if 39 is it, you should find more than one reference to it.
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Re: Bar filling root.var issue
New #3  February 04, 2020, 12:32:39 AM
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Edit: At this point I'm willing to link the character if anyone is willing to help.

Yes, I've done that days ago and honestly I was greeted with what appeared to be a mess--to me at least, it literally reads "support gauge" which is what I'm working on but I cannot seem to understand any of it, vars,(filling bars only) have always been my weakness. I understand vars and their purpose since I've used them for months now for transformations and weapon changing, etc. but the moment bars and fvars are introduced my brain just hits a wall. Third day of trying with no luck.

I may move on to another part of the character if I can't figure this out, I only have so many off days within the week to waste all this free time trying to figure it out, but I want to understand it... almost to an unhealthy degree. I'd post the code but there's way too much, and the last three statedefs above trigger the gauge itself so I'm trying to figure that out since var(38) = triggers var(39) if I'm reading the code in the -2 correctly. I tried to narrow it down because I didn't want to just post and pray someone would do all the work since again the code for the gauge in -2 is just waaaaaay too much.

Either way, thanks for at least replying.
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