Heart Heat Harn AI patch by IX released (Read 4981 times)

Started by MellyInChains, August 06, 2013, 03:51:34 PM
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Heart Heat Harn AI patch by IX released
New #1  August 06, 2013, 03:51:34 PM
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one day i checked on those group of AI patchers i kept in touch with. seeing how i haven't been on twitter for a couple months, something had to have happened

turns out, one of them ai patched my heart heat harn and he's...kind of been trying to get in contact with me since july 8th. oops. but i finally got back to him and gave him the okay to release it publicly. needless to say i'm totally excited one of my characters got ai patched, it's a great feeling

as for how effective he is now?

i'd certainly say it does the job

also once i update harn (which might be soon now) this will be included by default

a video from him showcasing it in action here and a download link here

edit: oh and to make him not ai-only go into IX_AI_-3.cns and change trigger53 into a value of 0
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