Rockman ∞ by Ukege released (Read 5215 times)

Started by Dishamonpow, September 15, 2012, 07:23:14 PM
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Rockman ∞ by Ukege released
#1  September 15, 2012, 07:23:14 PM
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Re: Rockman ∞ by Ukege released
#2  September 16, 2012, 02:51:42 AM
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Ukege made a full game? Well this will be interesting indeed.

...if I could get it to work, which I can't at the moment. Looks interesting, though.
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Re: Rockman ∞ by Ukege released
New #3  September 17, 2012, 07:59:10 PM
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I'm a bit confused myself. There is..... Not enough info or files to play this game. :-\

EDIT: Okay here's the deal.

Copy the ROCKMAN_MUGEN_PLAYER AND ROCKMAN_MUGEN_BOSS into your own mugen 1.0 char directory.
Copy the ROCKMAN_MUGEN from the stages into your own mugen 1.0 stages directory.

Add the characters/stages in your select.def like you do normally.

Then do VS. mode, choose ROCKMAN_MUGEN_PLAYER as P1, and ROCKMAN_MUGEN_BOSS as P2, and select ROCKMAN_MUGEN as the stage. and begin the game.

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