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Forum software Modifications
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This thread lists some of the not-so-usual technical modifications in use at this forum, to provide an overview for new users. This list is by no means meant to be complete, it just lists the important stuff relevant to every user.

The Stars

One of the most visually obvious modifications. On most boards, users either get x stars for their postgroup, or a fixed number of stars depending on their main membergroup. Here, it works a little differently. For each membergroup the user is in, he gets one star of a specific color. This number of stars is filled up with regular golden stars to a number determined by the user's postcount.

Example: In my profile (at the time writing this), I have one red (admin), one purple (contributor) and one silver (donator) star, filled up by three to six yellow stars for my postgroup.

For our users' convenience, we have implemented an improved Report to Moderator function. Instead of some moderator being notified by mail, reports go into a report forum where they can be seen, commented on and possibly solved by moderators. We hope to avoid tons of "omg you can't do that" posts if someone posts a link to a bad site or something and solve those problems quickly.

The Icons

In some forum sections, like Releases, Projects and Requests, we employ Message Icons for content classification. For instance, a Character release topic would have a Message Icon. When browsing the forum, you can use the filter option at the top of the Message Index to only display posts of a category you are interested in. Shouldn't be difficult to figure out, just have a look.

By holding down shift while clicking the filter icons, you can select multiple categories to view at once (note this might not work in old or exotic browsers).

The Code

To improve readability of mugen code, we make use of a syntax highlighter. Simply put [mcode] tags around your code to have it properly highlighted, like so:

; Taunt
; CNS difficulty: easy
[Statedef 195]
type = S
ctrl = 0
; (...)

[State 195, 1]
type = CtrlSet
trigger1 = Time = 40
value = 1

Besides making code easier to read, this code links (most) Statecontrollers and Triggers to their documentations (try clicking one of them). By using [mcode=1,5,6] you can also highlight specific lines (for example to illustrate some explanation in context), for example:
[State 195, 2]
type = ChangeState
trigger1 = AnimTime = 0
value = 0
ctrl = 1

The Maths

Mathematical expressions can be displayed neatly using the [math] tag.
For example:
[math]S = \lim_{n \to \infty} \left(1 + \frac{1}{n}\right)^n[/math] translates to

The format used is the regular amsmath syntax from latex. For more details on the subject, refer to the LaTeX manual wikibook.

The Chess

You'll find a link to the chess section in the navigation bar at the top when you're logged in. It's pretty self-explanatory. To start a game, either open a challenge to a certain user or nobody in particular, or accept somebody else's challenge.

Use the Chess Thread for discussion and questions.

The Motions

The [motion] tag allows convenient of input sequences, like so:
[motion]QCF HCB a+b[/motion]

recognized symbols: D DB B UB U UF F DF N UD BF QCB QCF HCB HCF DP RDP 360 a b c d e x y z lp lk mp mk hp hk start hold charge +

The Avatars

You can use the [avatar] tag to change the displayed avatar to the enclosed image url for a single post only. Don't abuse this.

Note this tag will never show up in quoted posts.
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Re: Forum software Modifications
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updated stars, added [motion] and [math] tags. also, bump. :)