Hyper Street Fighter Alpha Sprites (Read 349 times)

Started by Scramble, April 23, 2021, 02:35:50 AM
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Hyper Street Fighter Alpha Sprites
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So apparently there are extra sprites in Hyper Street Fighter Alpha in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. Does anyone have any of the extra sprites from that game?
Re: Hyper Street Fighter Alpha Sprites
New #2  April 29, 2021, 12:02:35 AM
I checked the game and this is what i found.
The sprites can be ripped using pcsx2+Tiled GGD (PE) but Hyper SFA has to be unlocked (use mymc and a gamefaqs save to save time).
To select Hyper SFA hold select when you select SFA1.

Hyper SFA has 4 new shadaloo-ISM. To use them in the character selection screen, pick sfa3 and then press start+left or right on the mode selection and the cursor will change.
-GREEN    =  Darkstalkers inspired (pushblock+chain combos and no new sprites)
-BLUE       =  SF3 inspired (parries reuse sprites
-PINK       =  SF2 CE inspired for the characters of that game (biggest example is Ken getting back his old attacks
-ORANGE =  MVC GFX and special properties (The only unique animation seems to be Guy teleporting

On pcsx2 emulation settings->GS and set slowdown speed to a minimum. In GS window disable hide window when pausing.
This method uses a save state PER FRAME. Tab+Shift activates slowmo, Esc pauses and F1 saves state.
Then follow this tutorial to open the save state in Tiled GGD.

The image settings are Endianess=LittleEndian, Mode=Tiled, Tile size=16x16, Skip size=(Height)Rows
In the memory there are only 2 sprites of each character on screen(i think it loads the current and next sprite at the same time). You will find these near the image offsets 0xBE6900 and 0xC35500 (JP version).
If everything went right you get something like this
The big problem is finding the right palette settings but as an example if you join the 16x16 tiles of the zoomed out image you get a frame
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty
I hope there is a better way.
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