New forum for Jump Ultimate Stars Community JUSMUGEN  (Read 458 times)

Started by OldGamer, March 04, 2021, 02:12:08 AM
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New forum for Jump Ultimate Stars Community JUSMUGEN
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I hope this the right places for it, I remember use have a topic list of mugen community link back in 2013 but now I dont know what happen to it
Please Moderator and Admin let me know if this the right places for it here in the Mugen Discussion location

Welcome the New Forum to the community. the website and the owner is JUSMUGEN.
We not a warehouse website. but we love to enjoy to create and make Mugen content for the mugen software like mugen screen pack, stages , characters and more. we love to create mugen content  one of our Favorite Anime, Manga from Shonen Jump and Jump Ultimate Stars for Nintendo DS. We are asking for those that are a huge fans of Jump ultimate star made for the Nintendo ds. We also promoting are favorite and best mugen forum site that we all love and that we include Mugen Free for all, Infinity mugen team and Mugen fighter Guild. We are Mugen Creators that want to express are loving skill for Jump Ultimate Stars and many category creation by making JUS mugen characters from ALL Category like Konami, Capcom, SNK, Marvel Comics, DC Comic, All Category from ANIME / Manga and mush more. We working hard to give you the best Forum experiences. we want to show the mugen community that JUS mugen Creation Have place for all Fans of Jump Ultimate Stars including Mugen software. Our Goal is give you best creation and gaming love for Mugen Content, At this time we a small. BUT BEING SMALL CAN BE BIG. Please come join our new JUSMUGEN Community CREATE YOUR MUGEN UNIVERSE
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