Old Pikachu's FINAL update release, New Pikachu's update 6.0 release (2/2/2021) (Read 694 times)

Started by DNZRX768, February 02, 2021, 02:26:09 PM
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Old Pikachu's FINAL update release, New Pikachu's update 6.0 release (2/2/2021)
#1  February 02, 2021, 02:26:09 PM
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Good morning. It has truly been a while, hasn't it?

Today, I have two releases to make. Old Pikachu is getting it's final cumulative update released today while New Pikachu's 6.0 update will also be released today.

With regards to Old Pikachu, the character has been with me for almost as long as I have been playing MUGEN, which is probably over half of my life by now. I have looked back at its readme file and found that my edited version of character is now nearly 13 years old and that the character has been with me for probably a couple of years even longer than that. Looking back at its history, I was surprised on how, with a few sprites and a bit of creativity, that I can expand the character from its minimalistic beginnings. However, there comes a time where I will have to move on and consider a character to be complete with little more I can do with the limitations that was given to me.

Therefore, I am releasing Old Pikachu's FINAL update today, containing everything I have done to the character since the last time I brought it up in the release boards, and ending all major updating efforts after 13 years. While there MAY be additional updates in the future, don't expect anything unless it is very important, like something really breaks.

With regards to New Pikachu, the character also has been with me for as long as I have been playing MUGEN, although the edited version is considerably younger. One advantage of using New Pikachu vs Old Pikachu when editing is that the sprites are a ton more cleaner and there are more of them to work with when making new moves and other attacks. Therefore, I am focusing all of my "Pikachu Updating" efforts onto New Pikachu with a few big plans in the works, starting with New Pikachu's first major update and re-release in seven years.

With that speech out of the way, here are the files. Enjoy!

Old Pikachu, version FINAL:!ArqzVsYqx-eHjH8igfs_enxrcVG8?e=rxEv6t

New Pikachu, version 6.0:!ArqzVsYqx-eHjH7VM1r1dg7bo2H0?e=mWpHsd

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