Mugen Fighters Guild 10 year badge  (Read 904 times)

Started by Nunor, September 20, 2011, 05:32:05 AM
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Mugen Fighters Guild 10 year badge
#1  September 20, 2011, 05:32:05 AM
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Hello. As many of you may know the Guild made 10 years of existence last April, and so
i wanted to put a "badge like" image in the site for commemoration (altough late).

The image would have to fit the top part of the site(site not this forum) and should be similar to a badge with the ten year indication...

Any one want to take the challenge ? I will try to create one too...
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Re: Mugen Fighters Guild 10 year badge
#2  September 24, 2011, 04:39:45 PM
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I'll give it a shot.  :2thumbsup: