Heritage for the Future/JJBA Style Special KO (Read 12516 times)

Started by LisaMcRad, November 02, 2019, 07:56:37 pm
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Heritage for the Future/JJBA Style Special KO
#1  November 02, 2019, 07:56:37 pm
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This is a sort of repost of the code I've talked about in my thread asking about this. I've decided to put this here in order since there's probably some people who would like to know. This code was modified by me from code made by DavidGee and Warusaki3. Although Warusaki3 has some code like this in their JJBA characters, the code I modified is more condensed. It's also a near perfect recreation of the Special KO from JJBA, which is sometimes what people look for in code snippets (I've seen tons of code for X-like mechanic/vfxs).

There are a few steps that you'll have to do beforehand:
  • Make a 200 x 200 KO portrait for your character and insert it in an empty group and index.
  • Rip Warusaki3's special KO background from their JJBA characters. I've yet to find anyplace that has the special KO background, so this is your best bet. Make sure to insert all of it into its own group.
  • Make sure the KO background sprites are aligned at 0,0. The KO portrait should be aligned 100,130.
  • Make an animation with nothing inside of it. Nothing at all.
  • Make individual animations for each background portion. They should be aligned 0,0 and be stagnant
  • Make a unique animation for your KO portrait. This is the only element that has any actual animation. You're going to have to make it smoothly come in hard from the opposite side your character would be facing and then slow down once it reaches your side. It shouldn't stop once it does however.

After that you can follow the code below

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

And that's it! Make sure to credit Warusaki3 and DavidGee for the code and sprites used for this. I hope you'll find this helpful!