Morta Kombat Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style (Read 2151 times)

Started by utkr, December 02, 2020, 08:09:44 PM
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Morta Kombat Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style
New #1  December 02, 2020, 08:09:44 PM
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Hi everyone along time has passsed and  i was in 11 hard months behing of this, i was working as a freelance.

Main base sprite concept by Nacho Kylatarsh aka hanged man (thanks alot to him)
sprites 99% by utkr
duck/crouch sprites by cemp96
New codding from hell hand move by alan flores barrena
New codding at the new some special moves and revision by fantasmator
Some Sprite revision by madkat
Adapted to the Shinnok SFF version from public CoopNB a fair thanks to mkdt team
shinnok ´s spyre stage arena 2d style by Felcho94/Wa and added some resouruces brought and animations by me
Special thanks to Jhon Tobias the true creator from MK franchise making the best shinnok version ever from 90´ era, actually maybe the version from mkx is the one ruling at the actual times but mk4 design will be superior forever than MKM=SZ and MK Armageddon versions.

some screen shot i will give here, if you have any doubt please read the description at tube why the vid it have a poor quality.

thanks you to everyone.
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Re: Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style
#2  December 03, 2020, 04:45:34 PM
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Could you re-upload the video without the filter so people can actually see the sprites?

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Re: Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style
#3  December 03, 2020, 05:28:20 PM
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hi well and welcome, about that you are suggesting:

no in really, i had a huge experience about how ppl does conflicts just trying make a kind of plagiarism with the author material and happened with my self in the past. In this case i did not inventend the Shinnok character,, this is invention of Jhon tobias and Midway Team, but whole work that they did not from the past is how make it in a 2d style just like happened in the elder arcade games and under this sense or under is way this makes me like a kind of author in mk mugen, not for being arrogant user, just for say the true and for to be honest with everyone.

This work was titanic and not every day you will see unique results and not every day is posible to get in this way, demands crazy hours with  consequences in the health , In my case i have problem in the eyes and spyne neck and more problem bc this demans sedentary lifestyle

about this result in this version of shinnok this is a proof that in mk mugen is always hard make spriting, much more than the cartoon style
(i say it without loose the respect of who make creations via cartoon style), but technically its is the true about it, Today you will see that ppl manage sprites in a 3d style just like a kind of shortcut for reach the realism of the classic style from mk1 mk2 mk3 and sadly is no really enought for get it. The 3d stuff is good tool for get more quicly the animations that is fine but is not the end on it and the true of that you need your mouse and graphic editors for reach the photo realistic quality from 90´ era and is imposible avoid the manual and classic mode,

the fact also this demands not only for get the corrected cordination between sprites, too is about the quality. Sadly the mk mugen comunity is still a place of full  untrust peolpe and them have not any code of honor or any some framework of respect and this is reason of why i have avoided expose my works at tube with the full quality, bc specially ppl from Rusia and Brazil in mk mugen loves so much try rips frames and loves so much make alot of pissing off. Thanks you for reading my reasons in this topic.
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Re: Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style
#4  December 03, 2020, 05:52:44 PM
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Sprites looks very nice and seem faithful to original classic MK style.

That being said I'm not sure if I understand what is the end goal of this project. Is it something that will be released publicly at some point? (sprite pack, standalone character or part of some mugen project?) If yes than I don't get why anyone would  bother to rip sprites from the video now, which from what I understand is the reason for filtering the image. If no than, well... I guess it's meant to be appreciated as art? - hard to do so with filter enabled :P
Re: Wip: Shinnok MK4 style and mk mugen 2d style
New #5  December 03, 2020, 08:19:36 PM
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Hi kathos,

Sprites looks very nice and seem faithful to original classic MK style.

 I guess it's meant to be appreciated as art? - hard to do so with filter enabled :P

So yes in this way that is that it is running in the artistic way, i show it for that ppl enter to thinks how is posible make  a dedicated works in mk mugen, and how you can evolve doing mk mugen content, specially we need more ppl working here and if you gifts your stuff to the public, it will not be apreciated and in a minnor  quantity the ppl will dares to try make a mk mugen content,

well also you are describing indirectly (and maybe you not know all about that) an actual trouble that happen into the mk mugen comunity that tries to avoid explain and instead of explain, they are doing dirty actions like make leachs and le@ks. The majorie of them don´t apreciatte the effort from certain users, instead of that, they preffers get the material for satisfy themselfves and the majorie of them loves places certain material in a mugen compilation and not in any serious mk mugen project.

The main trouble that i want mention here, is that here in mk mugen (for say any conceptual example) here you have not mk mugen 1000 codders,  1000 spriters,  1000 stagers,, ect ect, in really, we are few users that dares to build a true full works bleeding behind of it.

I'm sure that 9 out of 10 users prefer to do compilations just compiliting every stuff than to do a decent project or continuation just once you give them a specific materials to the ppls............ and this does not means evolving in mk mugen, imo  this means kills and ending the community and arriving in the day in that hardly anyone wants to do anything for mk mugen or in the worse of cases that no one wants do anything related with mortal kombat in mugen preferring to play any console game..

Here and with all due respect  with ppl  that do regularly works with cartoon sprites or 3d sprites, clearly they have a much less difficulty in comparision with mk mugen users. and i mean in this sense they are  fortunate and well privileged while in mk mugen is not the same.

It is not the same to make a rips than to build a new character from scratch and original,. these are all of my impressions about this.

about this shinnok version, it is not clear where it will end, but at least the people will have a hope that a shinnok with mk4 style adapted to classic 2d will go in the future and shall not be like the public pretends, with time i have learned to be have not to be a an emotional dependent and apreciate more a creator that could reach any result than if the material available or not for the public. that ´s all and be welcome.
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