The Father of Fighting Spirit - Sasuke Saito (Read 168 times)

Started by Sean Altly, January 25, 2021, 04:13:46 AM
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The Father of Fighting Spirit - Sasuke Saito
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^^^Art was before sprite design was finalized^^^

Sasuke Saito
  -Country of Origin: Japan
  -Fighting Style: Puroresu
  -Nickname: The Father of Fighting Spirit
  -Bio: A legendary Japanese wrestler who has been facing increasing pressure from his promoters to retire due to his age and banged-up body. Instead, he enters the tournament to prove that he is just as strong as ever and that Pro Wrestling can be used as a legitimate fighting style.



-Overhand Chop - F+HP - A slow overhead chop


-Burning Lariat - HCF+P - A huge swinging Lariat that hits very hard
  -EX Version has less start-up and has invincibility frames at the beginning

-Burning Hammer - HCB+P - Sasuke grabs his opponent and performs Kenta Kobashi's legendary inverted DVD, spiking the opponent on their neck

-Strong Style Catch - QCF+K - Sasuke sticks his burly chest out the parry an incoming attack. If he is successful, he then grabs his opponent and performs a move depending on what type of hit he countered. LP counters standing attacks, and HP counters jumping attacks. Low attacks can't be countered

-Spirit Boost - D,D,P - Sasuke strikes a strong pose that draws the admiration of the crowd and boosts his spirit. Afterwards, his next normal or special attack will get a 10% damage boost. Can be stacked 3 times for a total 30% damage boost.

-Need one more special here, still deciding


Offense Drive - Sasuke Screwdriver - QCBx2+P - Sasuke grabs his opponent, hits several close forearm strikes, then jumps high into the air and drops his opponent with a huge spinning brainbuster

Defense Drive - Legendary Catch - QCFx2+K - Sasuke once again sticks out his chest to parry, but this time if successful, he follows up with several rolling german suplexes and finishes with a Burning Hammer

Maximum Over Drive - This is The Meaning of Fighting Spirit! - QCFx2+P - Sasuke taps into his years of experience, as well as his amazing resolve and fortitude, and temporarily boosts the strength of all of his attacks. During this period, all of his specials also become EX versions for free. After it wears off, Sasuke must rest for a second, which leaves him wide open for attack.

All my stuff is open source, you never need permission to use anything I make. Just have fun!
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