Win quote ideas/suggestions thread? (Read 114596 times)

Started by Duos.act, September 11, 2012, 01:22:56 AM
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Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#1  September 11, 2012, 01:22:56 AM
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I don't know if I have any right to make a topic here or not so delete this if you want, but since this is a fullgame on the 1.0 engine I think it would be cool for the cast to have winquotes to each other like SNK games and SF4 do.  So here are my awful quote ideas.

vs. Wesker: Jeez, are all you mad scientist types this lame?
vs. Megaman: Y'know, I think we've got a lot in common....
vs. Morrigan: You wouldn't happen to know a "Rouge" would you?
vs. Haggar: You're gonna have to step it up if you wanna grab me, pal!
vs. Sub-Zero: What's cool, blue and totally awesome?  Not you buddy!
vs. Mario: Heh, I've wanted to do that for a long time!
vs. K': You remind me of someone I know.  He's less of a pushover than you are though.

vs. Bison: You fancy yourself a god?  You are less than an insect before me.
vs. Jedah: Your vision appears identical to mine.  A pity you are so weak.
vs. Mr. X: A flawed relic of the past.  You have no right to exist anymore.
vs. Jill: How long do you intend to pursue this futile dream of yours? 
vs. K': An interesting specimen indeed.  I see why your DNA is so valued.
vs. Snake: Is this the legendary soldier spawned from his DNA?  Heheheh, this has proven to be a successful endeavor.
vs. Jin K.: The devil gene is of great interest to me.  Rest assured, your influence will outlive you.

vs. Frank: Hey bro, sorry for the beatdown I just laid on ya.  How about I autograph those photos for ya?
vs. Skullomania: Jeez, is this freak seriously still around?
vs. Haggar: Seems the legend outweighs the man, mayor Mike.
vs. Jill: Don't worry lady, lots of women find me disturbing!
vs. Terry: Say, you didn't run into a chubby dude in a yellow jumpsuit along the way here didja?
vs. Sonic: Oh man I just beat up that guy from Mel's video games, Eliza is never gonna let me live this down!

vs. Alex: The CWF would have killed to have that match we just put on.  Do you have any idea how many tickets we could sell?
vs. Ken: You've got the mic skills alright, but you aren't much in the ring I'm afraid.
vs. Skullomania: Are you a luchadore?  That's one hell of a getup you got going on.
vs. Leo: Well I can check wrestling a lion off my bucket list it seems.  Eat your heart out Zangief!
vs. CM Punk: You're a damn good wrestler, but you're way too cocky.  You need to humble yourself before somebody does it for you.
vs. Tizoc: Doing it for the kids eh?  I like that, you and I woulda made a hell of a tag team.
vs. Axel: You're a dead ringer for an old buddy of mine, I sure hope he's alright.....

Captain America
vs. Charlie: You're a bona fide gift to your country, keep it up soldier!
vs. Wesker: You dress an awful lot like Colonel Fury, but you don't have a fraction of his heart.
vs. Bison: Shadaloo's done for, and you're coming with me.  I suggest you don't resist.
vs. K': I can see a lot of pain in your eyes, but that's why you've got to keep fighting.
vs. Rorschach: Your view of the world is pretty depressing, maybe it's why you lost.

CM Punk
vs. Wesker: I liked you better when you were called the Undertaker and didn't have a bad dye job.
vs. Haggar: Sorry, but I'm not about to do the job for some washed up has-been like you.
vs. Alex: I'm done wasting my time with curtain jerkers like you, have fun in the bingo hall buddy!
vs. Leo: Wow, It's like I stepped back into 1994!  Seriously, who comes up with these gimmicks?
vs. Frank: Are you one of those dirt sheet chumps?  Second rate "journalists" like you should really mind your own business.
vs. Sonic: Hey I was a big fan of yours back in the day.  Then I hit puberty.
vs. Tizoc: Wrestling for the kids?  Who are you, John Cena?

vs. Morrigan: Heir of the Aensland, why do you resist the salvation of your realm?
vs. Bison:  It is unsurprising that humanity cannot comprehend my dream.  Fade into nothingness, worm.
vs. Mr. X: This is humanity's doing?  What a foul, despicable creature, but I expected no less.
vs. Arthur: I am nor ordinary demon.  Stick to Astaroth, fool!
vs. CM Punk: Best in the world you say?  What shall you be when your world ceases to exist?
vs. Jin K.: An artificial demon is still artificial.  You have no place in my utopia!
vs. Scorpion: Come with me, I shall end your suffering and mend your heart.  All you have to do is take my hand.

vs Mr. X: No problem, I eat freaks like you for breakfast!
vs. Megaman: Aw sweet, it's Megaman!  Can I get a picture with you?  ....Megaman? 
vs. Hinata: Ran Hibiki?  Never heard of her.  Also shouldn't you be in school?
vs. Ryu: Hey, since I won how's about an interview?  A little chat with the legendary world warrior would be great!
vs. CM Punk: I'll do whatever it takes to get the truth out.  I'll go to the papers if I have to!
vs. Detective Laurel: Hey, I know my rights!  Freedom of the press dammit!
vs. Squall: Oh sorry, what was that?  "Elipses?"  Got it, thanks for the interview!

Yeah I know, I'm not creative or clever.  Somebody smarter than me should give it a try.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#2  September 11, 2012, 02:11:24 AM
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well, coming off a bit from my thread and giving some opinions...let's pass a bit of knowledge of the thing I most know: Mario XD XD XD... hope it's okay (I'm putting some "a"s extras in the words for try simulate his Italian accent at the time of speak english, as always).

vs. Arthur: sorry Paisano, but-a I have to go now, I need-a to save the princess ... wait-a, you too?
vs. Haggar: Hihi! Nice mustache, Paisano! but you need-a to do more the Mario for beat-a me! 
vs. Wesker: You villains are all-a the same, is not it? ... Even falling into lava, always survives, this make me tired-a!...
vs. Skullomania: Mamma Mia..this is strange! I thought-a that this ''Dry Bones'' would dismount-a when it be defeated-a...
vs. Sub-Zero: Woah! Where did you find an Ice Flower-a!!?, please tell me! I need-a one too!
vs. Sonic: I told-a you Sonic! Speed-a alone is nothing!
vs. Captain America: So ... this your super club-a called Avengers are accepting-a a new member?

(and sorry my english, so good as Mario's english XD)

Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#3  September 11, 2012, 02:17:08 AM
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This thread is fine, I've been meaning to make one for this exact subject anyway since I'm releasing the beta soon. I didn't get a chance to read all the suggestions yet though, I'll be back later to comment on them. For now, everybody, suggest away!
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#4  September 11, 2012, 03:48:07 PM
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I made sum! I will make more later but!
Hope you like em or thing it fits lol

vs. Wesker: Your power is minimum! while mine is maximum hahaha...
vs. Ryu: I will force the dark hadou out of you and consume it's powers...
vs. Captain America: You don't even got a chance against me! America will suffer...
vs. CM Punk: Your phony TV trick does not amuse me! preapare to die...
vs. K': Your body is perfect, I will have it...
vs. Charlie: I don't know how you got away last time! but Bison does not make a mistake twice...

Jin Kazama
vs. Ryu: I know how it feel, keep the darkness inside you...
vs. M.Bison: Shadaloo is just a bunch of loosers compared to my army...
vs. CM Punk: Really I don't care, but someone needed to shut your mouth...
vs. Detective Laurel: If your the best Manhattan got, then that's a shame...
vs. Skullomania: You look's like something that came out of Africa...

vs. M.Bison: Your a fool Bison... Fight for yourself, don't hide behind dolls...
vs. Goku: I haven't seen such power in ages! Are you really a human?
vs. Scorpion: Get back to hell where you come from...
vs. C.Viper: Spying on my research? Silly Woman...
vs. Wesker: I admire your research Albert, But your intentions are all wrong...
vs. Haggar: Not even the Hulk has a chance getting close to me! what makes you different?
vs. Skullomania: You look like a super hero. To bad I hate super heroes...

Don't bother, he didn't listen when I told him it was ridiculous and I'm a mod. :uhoh:

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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#5  September 11, 2012, 03:59:18 PM
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vs. CM Punk: You're a damn good wrestler, but you're way too cocky.  You need to humble yourself before somebody does it for you.
ROFL! Iron Shiek reference?

CM Punk
vs. Skullomania: You must be the biggest La Parka fan in the world.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#6  September 11, 2012, 08:13:15 PM
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all these sound pretty good so far. keep up the good work guys.

Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#7  September 11, 2012, 10:30:27 PM
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Here are some badly made and I'm sure out of character ones:

Jill Valentine
Vs Mr.X "I hope this one stays down."
Vs Wesker "Wesker how could you turn your back on all of us?"
Vs Arthur "I'm sorry I thought you were another statue I had to push."
Vs Scorpion "They are getting more advance with each passing year."
Vs Squall "A gunblade? That doesn't seem very effective to me."
Vs Charlie "I think you better invest in some roller blades to help you out."

Vs Squall: "Man just being around you makes me depressed."

Vs Detective Laurel: "You must be the detective that got fired from Midgar."
Vs Sonic: "Must be nice to be able to outrun everything..."
Vs Jedah "...I have no need for another Guardian Force, I lost enough memories as it is."

CM Punk
Vs Morrigan: "You are a Whore!"
Vs Squall "You must of just steped out of a Hot Topic."
Vs Goku "You're not funny and nobody likes you!"

Frank West
Vs Jill Valentine "I'll take that sandwich to go!"
Vs Solid Snake "You hide in a cardboard box? Why didn't I thik of that?"
Vs MegaMan "I just showed you the "real" MegaBuster!"
Vs Arthur "Oh you and Chuck must shop at the same place."
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#8  September 11, 2012, 11:33:48 PM
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Ken Masters
vs. Charlie: I have seen those moves before, are you friend of Guile?
vs. Mr.X: You know what they say, the bigger the size, the bigger they fall...
vs. Detective Laurel: Sorry Detective, but you need to keep on training if you want to make the city safe...
vs. M.Bison: I though Shadaloo was long gone. Well now I guess that is taken care of...
vs. Goku: How do you get from black to yellow so fast? I want to try it out with Eliza...
vs. Jin K: Hey Jin, where's your awesome flame pants? I was thinking on getting myself a pair...
vs. Axel: Hey dude, your finaly out of those jail cloths.. oh wait, sorry wrong guy...
vs. Dr.Doom: Another power psycho, don't tell me your working for Shadaloo...
vs. Leo: Hey I will not complain too much, your not the worst looking thing I've beat'n the crap out of...
vs. Lynn Baker: You would been a good fight. To Sean...
vs. Blaze F: What is a young girl like you doing in a fighting tournoment like this to begin with...
vs. Captain America: I think it's cool you served America for so long, but now it's my turn...
vs. Jin Saotome: So you say these robot's actually would work? maybe I could sponse you...
vs. C.Viper: So what's this? you still stalking me huh? is it my good looks?

Detective Laurel
vs. CM Punk: Well Punk, what can I say?... Your performence are just a joke...
vs. Blaze F: I'm did this for your own safety, it's dangerous out here...
vs. Axel: I had to do something... Raging in the street's like that is Iligal...
vs. Koopa Troopa: Now this is just getting weird... Did I just fight a turtle?
vs. Terry Bogard: So your the Wild Wolf huh? not as crazy as I would expect...
vs. Jin K: Kazama I need to ask you some questions about your father Kazuya Michima...
Don't bother, he didn't listen when I told him it was ridiculous and I'm a mod. :uhoh:

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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#9  September 12, 2012, 12:06:18 AM
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@Mr. Snitch

Christ. I don't want to be critical because they are just winquotes but:

vs. Mr.X: You know what they say, the bigger the size, the bigger they fall...

Lol the saying is "The greater they are, the harder they fall.", how do you fall big?

vs. Goku: How do you get from black to yellow so fast? I want to try it out with Eliza...

I don't even understand this. Like...what?

I'll come up with some of my own after awhile I just wanted to add my 2 cent.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#10  September 12, 2012, 01:28:07 AM
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Ryu winquotes...

vs Scorpion- Your rage was your downfall, may you find peace at the end of your jouney.
vs Sub-Zero- you fought with honor, I hope we meet again friend.
vs K'- that went well, I think you'd do well with some more training though.
vs Jin K- it seems we both have dark sides. let's hope they never meet in battle.
vs Mr.X- I never thought I'd meet anyone taller than Sagat...but you still don't compare.
vs Cap. America- you stand for honor, justice, and strength. I am proud to have fought you.

Scorpion winquotes.....

vs K' - your powers pale in comparison to the power of hellfire.
vs Sub-Zero- If you didn't kill my family and clan then who did?
vs Morrigan- Mileena would kill to have a face like yours...
vs Wesker- you are far from being a god.your pitiful fighting skills prove that.
vs Ryu- you fight within yourself, win and we will meet again.
vs Bison- I suffer because of people like you...this ends now!
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#11  September 12, 2012, 02:23:26 AM
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#12  September 12, 2012, 02:49:32 AM
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While you Scorpion win quotes are good, I dont feel like they reflect him as a whole. Scorpion has always been a man of short words and short temper.

Scorpion win quotes

vs. Ryu: You are not yet a warrior.
vs. Sub-Zero: What is this? You are not Sub Zero!...
vs. K': Hmph. Your fire cannot harm me.
vs. Jin K.: Retribution. Not even death will stop it.
vs. Cap. America: Nationality? I fight for my family and clan.
vs. Goku: ...You've brought your family back to life? How? TELL ME!...
vs. Koopa Troopa: Where is Princess Kitana?... What do you mean 'she is in another castle?'

I'll think of some more later.

Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#13  September 12, 2012, 07:25:50 AM
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Got nothing better to do so here's a few more

vs. Wesker: You wanna know what happened to the last guy who told me he was a god?  Let's just say you got off a lot better than he did.
vs. Ken: You call those puny little embers "flames?"  Those could barely pass for fireworks.
vs. Hinata: Dammit, I'm so sick of babysitting teenage girls.  Is there anyone here who can at least pass for a decent opponent?
vs. Ryu: All this crap about "training" and "discovering the fight."  Where has any of that got you aside from knocked out at my feet?
vs. Snake: Genetic engineering, DNA splicing, blah blah been there done that.  Spare me your sob story.

vs. Chun Li: I always knew you had a death wish.  After all, if you didn't you wouldn't have pursued me!
vs. Charlie: I have....uses for you.  Come with me if you wish to live.
vs. Wesker: Uroboros belongs to me now, it is ill fit for a fool like you!
vs. Skullomania: You're trodding around in THAT, and you have the audacity to call ME a lunatic?
vs. CM Punk: I've heard about your father.  Fortunately for you, eliminating fathers happens to be my specialty.  Well, alongside terrorism, genocide, kidnapping, arms dealing...
vs. Blaze: A street rat like you deserves nothing but extinction for having the audacity to challenge me.
vs. Captain America: Justice is but a fallacious construct for weak fools unable to fend for themselves.  Your country rests in Shadaloo's grip now.

Detective Laurel
vs. Jill: Where'd you get your badge lady, a toy store?
vs. Morrigan: Ma'am I'll have you know that indecent exposure is a serious felony!
vs. CM Punk: You're a little too focused on ice cream bars when you should be worried about being BEHIND bars!

And because why the hell not, mirror match quotes.

Ryu: Sometimes the strongest foe is the one within.....I see now.
Ken: Trying to copy me eh?  It's okay to be jealous, I am pretty awesome after all.
Alex: Are those Illuminati freaks cloning me or something?  Jesus....
Charlie: You've got the look, but I read you like a newspaper, and you know what people do while reading those right? 
Jill: I've seem some pretty messed up stuff, but fighting yourself is really kinda freaky....
Morrigan: You certainly are beautiful, but is your imitation more than skin deep?  Let's find out...
M. Bison:  Another defective vessel?  I suppose I can consider it disposed of.
Jin S.: Your Blodia must be a cheap prototype model, you could barely keep up with me!
Arthur: Ho!  I have slain my doppelganger! 
Viper: Lauren may be a kid, but she's not that easily fooled.  Better luck next time.
Jedah: To take the face of the absolute messiah is the ultimate sacrilege.  Prepare for punishment infernal!
Leo: There's only one king of the beasts, and you just became his prey.
Wesker: There is but one fit to rule this world as a god, and it isn't you.  Realize your inferiority as you die.
Frank: Trying to mooch off my good name are ya?  Well I'm not having it!
Haggar: You just can't copy muscles like these, ya gotta work for em!
Chun Li: How dare you!  Just give it up and come quietly, creep!

K': Tch, again with the cloning?  Whatever, you're clearly not much of a threat to me.
Tizoc: Any heel who dares to take on the guise of mighty Tizoc will fall to the force of justice!
Captain America: Muscles and a shield are nothing without the heart to back them up.
Snake: This again eh?  Well at least we know what a success the second attempt at the project was.
Rorschach: Encountered a vigilante wearing my mask.  Not very intelligent.  Not alive anymore either.
Jin K.: My objective is mine alone.  Don't you dare get in my way!
CM Punk: Who in the hell even books this crap?   I'd like to show em a piece of my mind, and a piece of my knee at that.
Goku: Ah cmon man, I'm capable of way more than that!  If you're gonna copy me can't you at least get it right?
Sub-Zero: that you?  What is the meaning of this?
Detective Laurel: Impersonating an officer is a major offense!  You're coming with me, get up!
Dr. Doom: I have wasted enough time disposing of doombots, I have important matters to attend to.
Sonic: One on one with myself?  Meh, not like it hasn't happened before.
Scorpion: Infernal'll pay for this Quan Chi!
Terry: Well you certainly look like the wild wolf, but you fight more like a defanged puppy!
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#14  September 12, 2012, 02:28:35 PM
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I have got a few of my own (Dont mock me).

Win Quotes

vs Ryu,Ken,Jin,K' and Blaze: (after Fighting them) I never Fought guys like you before but I had fun.
vs Sonic:  Well Sorry We cant be friends because you've got  NEEDLES!!! (Since He's a Hedgehog and you know Goku's fear )
vs Bison.Dr Doom,Wesker & Mr X: You should learn one thing you can never use me for your evil plans. I will fight guys like you to protect everything.
vs Morrigan: And Princess Snake was weird. (Judging by her looks and everything)
vs Lynn: You fight way better than my wife did but I had a blast. (Her outfit and fighting style confuses him)

vs Lynn: Yawn! A Young wannabe kung fu girl Come on !!! (Beating her and slamming her outfit)
vs Chun li: Well Than Guess who's better. I own you chinatown. (Bragging her about her fighting style)
vs Hinata: You got a lot more to learn Kid.
vs Ken: SORRY !!! I am already tied to someone.
vs Jill : Nice Try Loser!!!
vs Bison : I have fought bastards like you and I Really enjoy kicking your butts
vs Mr X: (Confusing with the MR X She faced ) That'll take care of you X.
vs Morrigan: I have fought bimbos like you before . (Well you guys know what she's talking about)
vs Asuka: Wow you're a tough one to crack.
vs Viper: Nice tights bitch!   

Asuka * (* depends whether she included)
vs Jin: Let me help you If you want to end your curse.
vs Blaze & Lynn: Thats right I am way better than you guys for I am Asuka Kazama.
vs Chun li: Wow I have a feeling we met before haven't we.
vs Sonic: You're good in running and stomping.

Thats it (for now) from my side. Anyone else

     Posted: September 12, 2012, 02:32:32 PM
vs Terry: Ha ! I broke the wolf who next!
vs Wrestlers (Wrestling based  characters): You guys don't stand a chance against Paul Phoenix.
vs Ryu & Ken: You should join My dojo I could use you two for practice.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#15  September 12, 2012, 03:45:21 PM
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Might as well have a crack at a few.

vs. Morrigan: Leave me be, succubus! My princess awaits me, and I will not be diverted!
vs. Hinata: To think that a child can learn the ways of fighting! What a strange world this is!
vs. Megaman: Good sir, if ever you be passing by, I would request use of your wonderful armor!
vs. Skullomania: My apologies, good sir. I mistook you for one of those confounded skeleton knights!
vs. Wesker: You sold yourself to dark powers, and yet they aided you not! Run whilst you still can!

vs. Captain America: Where is your sword, fellow? A shield alone does not a true knight make!
vs. K': Zounds! Such arrogance I have never before encountered! Where is your chivalry?!
vs. Jin Kazama: Do not despair, friend! There is still time to remove the evil taint from yourself!
vs. Scorpion: Another demon falls before my blade! Astaroth's forces weaken day by day!
vs. Dr. Doom: You have faced a true knight of Camelot, and lost! Begone from this realm, Doom!

Captain America:
vs. Haggar: Good to see you're still fighting for what you believe in. America needs more people like you.
vs. Jill: S.T.A.R.S is still going, eh? Good to see the people don;t have to rely on us all the time.
vs. Jedah: The people would never bow to a monster like you! Not while the Avengers are still around!
vs. Frank West: Sorry, civilian, but I'm not allowed to let journalists into the battlefield. Even if they do carry baseball bats.
vs. M. Bison: Another madman seeking world domination, another inevitable victory for the Avengers.

vs. K': Show some respect for a soldier, son! I've been in battles that would turn you yellow!
vs. Sub-Zero: That fight reminded me of Iceman of the X-Men. But not in a good way, sadly.
vs. Squall: I know what it feels like to lose comrades. But dwelling on the past won't help.
vs. CM Punk: Nice moves, son! Even with my shield, I got forced into a corner there!
vs. Solid Snake: Nick, this is Steve. I think some freak managed to replicate the Super Soldier Serum.

More to come, if I can think of them.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#16  September 12, 2012, 04:40:55 PM
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@Mr. Snitch

Christ. I don't want to be critical because they are just winquotes but:

vs. Mr.X: You know what they say, the bigger the size, the bigger they fall...

Lol the saying is "The greater they are, the harder they fall.", how do you fall big?

vs. Goku: How do you get from black to yellow so fast? I want to try it out with Eliza...

I don't even understand this. Like...what?

I'll come up with some of my own after awhile I just wanted to add my 2 cent.

uhm... yeah lol that's it xD

also the Goku one was a joke of him turning Sayajin lol
Don't bother, he didn't listen when I told him it was ridiculous and I'm a mod. :uhoh:

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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#17  September 13, 2012, 12:16:18 AM
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#18  September 13, 2012, 10:08:26 AM
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Yeah they are awesome
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#19  September 14, 2012, 06:41:22 AM
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I'm going to try my luck with dialogue today:

vs. Ryu: Never have I faced a warrior with such a single-minded purpose. May the gods help thee on thy journey.
vs. Wesker: You call yourself a god? Fool. You are nothing compared to their righteousness.
vs. Arthur: It has been an honor to have faced a knight of Camelot!
vs. Tizoc: I swear to thee my countryman, I shall lift the curse from thy as well.
vs. Scorpion: Whether it be monster or demon, I shall slay them all!

I'll think of some more later.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#20  September 14, 2012, 06:51:37 PM
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vs Ryu: At last I beat you I told you That I will win.
vs M.Bison: You're almost as worst as Gill was.
vs K': Nice one Rookie If dont like fighting then why did you power bombed by me ?
vs  Paul: You Brag more and fight harder so far you were the toughest I faced.
vs Punk: I dont lose to tatoo loving trash talking bastards like you guys (this line not awesome others).

vs Ryu: You must the one Sakura is always dreaming about.
vs Asuka : You fight hard but I think you're lame.

vs Jin: Poor Young man He has that great power yet he want to remove it.
vs Jedah: Ahh You dont have the power to take whats mine.
vs Bison: So Evil yet you fail to conquer.
vs Viper: No I have the lust dear no man can resist me ( remember gem fighters where she fought Chunli for popularity in guys) .
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