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Started by Duos.act, September 11, 2012, 01:22:56 AM
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#21  September 17, 2012, 02:53:41 PM
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Here comes me with some of my own.

vs Ryu: You know, I'd have thought one of the greatest warriors in the world would be able to afford a decent pair of shoes.
vs Ken: Not bad. You're setting quite the example for your son.
vs Chun-Li: You remind me of Blaze. Of course, she can take more of a whoopin'.
vs Alex: Man...if Abadede was half as strong as you are, I'd be dead now. You're pretty damn good.
vs Viper: Go back to your daughter. You can't keep leaving her alone like that.
vs Morrigan: I'd focus more on my muscles than my looks if I were you. Just ask Blaze, she'll agree.
vs Jedah: Underestimating normal humans never gets bad guys anywhere, eh?
vs Arthur: Damn, I could barely put a dent in that armour! So you're not just a guy who escaped from the carnival, huh?
vs Wesker: If Mr. X had half the competence you had...he'd still lose.
vs Mr. X (Capcom one): You and the X I know have more than names in common: I've soundly pummelled the both of you to dust.
vs Leo: What in the...I just hope Adam didn't see that, he's into "animal rights".
vs Hinata: Stay in school, kid.
vs Mega Man: I used to play your games all the time. Then I discovered the X series and...sorry, kid.
vs Bison: Doesn't matter how much bodies you've got. I've smashed Mr. X's Syndicate, I'll smash yours!

vs Axel (mirror match): I'm not too hard on pirate copies but for you I'm making a serious exception!
vs Blaze: Whew! I felt that one, Blaze! Talk about your close calls!
vs Scorpion: Man! You seriously need to calm down!
vs CM Punk: You know, some might agree with your views, I don't exactly appreciate them being shoved down my throat, thank you.
vs K': Fire can't help you if you don't know how to really control it. Can't let anger rule the day, kid.
vs Sonic: Speed isn't anything if you can't hit worth a damn, Sonic.
vs Terry: I see why they call you the Hungry Wolf, but, sadly, its the Dog Pound for you.
vs Laurel: Dammit, man, us cops should be working together AGAINST Mr. X!
vs Paul: They said you were one of the toughtest US martial arists? Heh, go figure.
vs Tizoc: You sure slam hard but I'm pretty sure Max doesn't need to rely on goofy masks.
vs Captain America: I used to read your comics so much as a kid. I guess what's real and what's myth isn't the same, huh.
vs Goku: Oh man...if Skate hears about this, he is going to FLIP.
vs Jin: Keep your head up and don't be overtaken by misery. Keep that in mind and you'll never be a slave to your darkness. You can do it.
vs Snake: Wait...did I just beat the legendary Solid Snake? What the hell...
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#22  September 18, 2012, 07:55:09 PM
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Just for the hell of it.

Koopa Troopa (Just in case he's in)

vs Mr. X: I've been stomped by plumbers twice the size as you! What makes your stomps so special?
vs Arthur: You have pretty good armor, but nothing beats my good ol' fashioned shell.
vs Megaman: Strange... you seem to keep your powers whether you get hit or not... but they're not unlimited, are they?
vs Viper: Oh man, I'm surprised someone can have two abilities, unlike a certain plumber I know....
vs Skullomania: Hmm... so that's what a human dry bones looks like, huh?

vs K': You should see Bowser's fire, it would put yours to shame!
vs Sub-Zero: I see someone got the Ice Flower, but shouldn't you be turning back to normal right about now...?
vs Garret: Well, since you're here anyway, I'd like to tell you about a certain plumber that kicked me into two pipes...
vs Sonic: Why don't you slow down a bit, so you can watch out for that shell next time?
vs Terry: Yeah! I finally defeated... oh wait. Sorry, you kinda look like someone I know...


Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#23  September 18, 2012, 08:52:55 PM
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These are all really good. Especially Authur's. You nailed his chivalrous nature and accent right on point. I think you made a mistake with Cap's quote to Wesker. I think you meant Frank West.

Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#24  September 18, 2012, 09:50:07 PM
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i know it noting about win quote but it is just an idea for the game maybe you could make alternate cosstume for the char like 3 button for the first costume and 3 other for the alternate one i know it is to much work so dont feel like im giving you an order just an idea
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#25  September 18, 2012, 10:03:08 PM
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Alternate costumes just aren't a realistic possibility when it comes to sprites. Drawing an alternate costume frame-by-frame onto existing sprites would be as much work as spriting a whole new character. It's just not reasonable or worth the time and effort.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#26  September 18, 2012, 10:13:15 PM
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Might as well have a crack at a few.

Captain America:
vs. Goku: Nick, this is Steve. I think some freak managed to replicate the Super Soldier Serum.

This can also be used against Snake, as he's a (clone of a) Super Soldier.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#27  September 18, 2012, 10:18:47 PM
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Alternate costumes just aren't a realistic possibility when it comes to sprites. Drawing an alternate costume frame-by-frame onto existing sprites would be as much work as spriting a whole new character. It's just not reasonable or worth the time and effort.
i understand it was just an idea
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#28  September 18, 2012, 11:20:18 PM
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Scorpion win quotes

vs. Goku: ...You've brought your family back to life? How? TELL ME!...
vs. Koopa Troopa: Where is Princess Kitana?... What do you mean 'she is in another castle?'
Lol, EPIC!  :XD:
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#29  September 19, 2012, 03:38:20 PM
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These are all really good. Especially Authur's. You nailed his chivalrous nature and accent right on point. I think you made a mistake with Cap's quote to Wesker. I think you meant Frank West.

Yeah, sorry about that. Gonna fix that up now, maybe add some more.

EDIT: Yay, Doctor Doom!

vs. Ryu: There is but one meaning to battle - to spread the glory of Doom's mighty empire!
vs. Ken: Only Doom is allowed to show off in battle! You will be executed for hogging the spotlight!
vs. Alex: What is the use of honing your muscles if you cannot even lay a finger on me?
vs. Charlie: I grow weary of this military cannon-fodder. Only the Fantastic Four have given me a true challenge!
vs. Mr. X: Whoever comissioned this miserable bag of flesh is to be put to death by firing squardon!
vs. Jill Valentine: Yes, I built a machine to commune with the dead. No, I will not tell you where I stashed it.
vs. Hinata: While Doom applauds your audacity, little girl, your skill is below anything that could scratch me!
vs. Morrigan: Well, Castle Doomstadt is in need of a new secretary... But no funny business with my men!
vs. Megaman: Your only superiority to my Doombots is that you break far easier than they!
vs. M. Bison: Consider this a warning! The next time, Doom will rip your Psycho Power right from your corpse!
vs. Jin Saotome: That giant robot merely compensates for your own weakness! Doom is more suited at it's helm!
vs. Arthur: I have faced knights of Camelot, and you are but a pale imitation. Away with you!
vs. Crimson Viper: Another S.H.I.E.L.D pawn? Bah! And they have the nerve to call you "Miss Perfect!"
vs. Jedah: Only Doom has the right to rule this world! Back to the put that spawned you, demon!
vs. Leo: You will face the same fate as your bretheren - stuffed and mounted on my mantlepiece!
vs. Albert Wesker: A pitiful display! You have no right to call yourself a god after that!
vs. Haggar: Facing down the future leader of the world with a steel pipe... What were you thinking?
vs. Chun-Li: Do not test me with you idiotic questioning! Doom is above your pitiful laws!
vs. Skullomania: Doom enjoys seeing new heroes rise... and then crushing them beneath his boot!
vs. Gouken: Wha-?! How are you still alive? What is the secret to your immortality?! TELL ME NOW!

vs. K': This battle has reminded me of that infernal Human Torch. For that, you shall not live to fight another.
vs. Lynn Baker: A mere mortal, challening the mighty Doctor Doom? Amusing, but pitiful.
vs. Tizoc: Hiding behind that tattered old mask will not save you from my wrath! Prepare to be crushed!
vs. Captain America: And they call you the First Avenger? Hah! You are a relic of an obosolete age!
vs. Solid Snake: Clone armies are unreliable and inefficient! Give me my loyal Doombots any day!
vs. Rorschach: Your so-called Watchmen are small-time dregs compared to the Fantastic Four! Stick with thugs!
vs. Jin Kazama: This child is the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu?! Clearly, Doom is better suited in it's throne!
vs. Blaze: Doom is above your skill level, wench! Return to fighting thugs and other assorted riff-raff!
vs. CM Punk: Such arrogance is a crime in Latveria! Doom demands your swift execution immediately!
vs. Squall: Oh, stop whinging, child! Doom has no time to listen to your pathetic little sob stories!
vs. Goku: This is the power of the Saiyan race? Doom must have that power for himself alone!
vs. Sub-Zero: You must have mistaken me for that wretched Human Torch. Ice has no effect on Doom!
vs. Laurel: In Latveria, we have no detectives. Ony shrivelled corpses where they once stood.
vs. Mario: No amount of jumping in the world is enough to evade the clutches of Doctor Doom!
- vs Koopa: A turtle...?! Doom has a headache and must lie down for a moment...
vs. Self: To imitate me, you need to do more than wear my mask! You must also embrace my ways!
vs. Sonic: I already wield the powers of both science and magic. What use would super speed be to me?
vs. Axel: Turn and run now, and I shall mercifully pretend that this never happened! You have five seconds.
vs. Scorpion: The sorceror who summoned you, demon, clearly needs better teaching in controlling his creations!
vs. Terry: Charles Xavier is slipping if such pitful mutants are all he can muster against Doom!
vs. Superman: Bah! I expected far more from the so-called "Last Son of Krypton"!

EDIT 2: Updated quotes to include Gouken and remove Frank West.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#30  September 19, 2012, 03:55:16 PM
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got new quotes I will upload them later

      Posted: September 19, 2012, 05:33:20 PM
Ok here are the quotes based on the concept art by Sean.

Ryu vs Goku

Goku: You were strong and great opponent maybe we can spar some other time.
Ryu: .............

Alex vs  CM Punk:
Alex: I alway keep  bastards like you in my  trash can Punk!
CM Punk:vs. Alex: I'm done wasting my time with curtain jerkers like you, have fun in the bingo hall buddy! (By MC2)
Charlie vs Captain America:
Capt. America:  Great Job Nash. You  fought like an old friend of mine.
Charlie: We should fight by side Captain rather fighting each other
Detective Garret vs Jill Valentine:
Garret : Nice style girl but you have to brush up a bit.
Jill: Phew!!!! That guy didnt stop for a second.
Rockman vs Sonic the Hedgehog:
Rockman: Stupid Hedgehog! You run fast from Doc ROBOTNIK But you cant run fast from my lasers.
Sonic: Nice one Android another by that fat egg Doc.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#31  September 20, 2012, 12:08:02 AM
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Thanks to Fight-A-Base I've got some more quotes.

vs. Alex: Accept this fight for what it was. The important thing is that you have no regrets.
vs. Chun-Li: As always, your technique is stunning. I'm glad you're continuing your training.
vs. Frank: You've taught me a valuable lesson. I've met hundreds of the world's best fighters, but this is the first time I've met one that's a cameraman!
vs. Jin K.: The driving power behind your fists should not be power, but your conviction!
vs. Viper: Your devices make for interesting moves, but they are easily avoided.

vs. Alex: Please don't fight so desperately! Keep your hands off of me!
vs. Chun-Li: Anyone ever say that you're a workaholic? Take a vacation once in a while!
vs. Jin K.: If you have time to play around here, shouldn't you be taking better care of the Mishima Zaibatsu?
vs. Leo: Hey, a lion. Eliza does love stuffed animals...
vs. Ryu: I think we've fought too many times now. When will you accept that I'm better?
vs. Tizoc: I can't see your eyes under that mask, so can you tell me if you are unconscious? Yes? No?
vs. Viper: Just who do you work for, anyway? Keep in mind your answer will have consequences.

vs. Chun-Li: Geez, I just break your guard and you run away! You're a pain in the neck, lady!
vs. Frank: Cripes, you're one tough customer. Are all cameramen like you?
vs. Ken: Your burning fist and fighting spirit... I've seen it before!
vs. Megaman: Sorry, kid. Going easy on ya wouldn't make me much of a man, now would it?
vs. Morrigan: You're one creepy lady, you know. There ain't gonna be a second date, that's for sure!
vs. Ryu: Never thought I'd meet you here, Ryu. Guess I should be grateful for this opportunity!

vs. Alex: I don't think putting "Real Street Fighter" on your résumé is going to land you many interviews.
vs. Bison: This time Shadaloo is finished! I'll make sure you remember this day for as long as you live!
vs. Dr. Doom: Your diplomatic immunity is gone, Doom. You will answer for all your dealings with Shadaloo and S.I.N.!
vs. Frank: You're pretty strong! Are you really a journalist? Show me your credentials!
vs. Hinata: You look like a teenager! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school or something?
vs. Jin K.: You should take responsability for your crimes. That's the first step to redemption.
vs. Ken: Hey, since you're a daddy now, you have to show your son what it means to work hard!
vs. Megaman: I've already landed 100 hard kicks in the time it takes you to get off just one little shot.
vs. Morrigan: Sorry, but life doesn't always go as we plan. I'll teach you that lesson again... once you wake up!
vs. Ryu: You don't change, no matter how much time has passed. I really wish I had your dedication.
vs. Viper: I don't care who you work for; don't get in Interpol's way!

vs. Haggar: Now you've seen it, kids! A real heavyweight battle!
vs. Ryu: You've got spirit kid! I'll never forget that.
vs. Skullomania: Get up! Not for yourself, but for your cheering fans!
vs. Terry: Such moves! You've fought a real wrestler before, huh?

Jin Kazama
vs. Bison: So this is all the power that Shadaloo can muster... What a waste of my time.
vs. Chun-Li: An Interpol dog... Don't get in my way again, woman.
vs. Ken: You cannot defeat me with your flame. Disappear.
vs. Ryu: So you too have struggled with a dark power within... Perhaps you can be of some use in my research.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#32  September 20, 2012, 03:52:22 PM
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Here is something I really wanna Try
Superman (since He has replaced Paul and Asuka)
vs Goku: I probably saw or read about you of some of my fans own stories You really prove strong.
vs Jin Kazama: First Cadmus and now you dont you guys get tired of cloning and other things.
vs M. Bison: I see you are just like all of my enemies
vs Megaman: Hey Kid go play soccer or something this is not a child's play.
vs Sub Zero & Scorpion: You ninjas are good in killing but not great.
vs Captain America: It has been an honour to fight you but I request that we team up to beat  the great evil behind it.
vs Dr Doom: You were as despicable as your enemies the Fantastic Four told me.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#33  September 21, 2012, 05:25:18 PM
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İ got some for Goku.

vs Mario (if You plan to make him): İ didn't know you use mushrooms for transforming but, it was very tasty!
vs Megaman: Son, You should be friends with Gohan!
vs Megaman: Dr. Willy must be a good guy because of his creations like you. Ask him about the evil Dr. Gero.
vs Skullomania: Did Shenron The Dragon make a mistake when reviving you?
vs Terry: Hey! Your style reminds Me a little bit of Yamcha's Moves.
vs Leo: İ have seen many beasts in West City but not one like you. You are strong!
vs Dr. Doom (after fight with Megaman maybe): first we had Dr. Gero, than İ met Dr. Willy and you now. There are so many good and evil Dr's in the world!
vs Sub-Zero: İ dont't know what you have in store but your name is cold as Frieza's and Cooler's. You know them?
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#34  September 21, 2012, 06:23:48 PM
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#35  September 22, 2012, 02:39:09 AM
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I tried using more MK related terms for Subby. I think they came out pretty well.

vs. Ryu: You seek flawless victories? A pity you fought me.
vs. Ken: Another Pryomancer. Not very original.
vs. Jill Valentine: Are you with the Outer World Investigation Agency? I seek your assistance.
vs. M. Bison: I would finish you. But that is not my purpose here.
vs. Crimson Viper: ...You do not look so innocent yourself!
vs. Chun-Li: The Lin Kuei do not comply with your laws.
vs. K': 'Ice Doll'? ...What do you want with Frost?
vs. Blaze: Work for the good of your realm, but on your own terms... I admire that.
vs. Goku: Despite my babality, you still retain your your strength?...
vs. self: Shang-Tsung! I will finish what Liu Kang could not!
vs. Koopa: A pitiful attempt of an animality...
vs. Doctor Doom: You are not so fearsome!
vs. Sonic: Ice puddles will be your fatality!
vs. Scorpion: FOR MY BROTHER!
vs. Superman: We meet again Kryptonian...
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#36  September 22, 2012, 03:05:35 AM
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Wow Q-San, your's are really good.
Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#37  September 22, 2012, 05:07:32 AM
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#38  September 22, 2012, 05:28:34 PM
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I'm gonna try some for Detective/Inspector Laurel.

vs Ryu: You really need to dress up better. Almost mistook you for a crazy hobo there.
vs Ken: Shouldn't you be at home helping your son with his homework or sometihng?
vs Chun-Li: Interpol oughta keep its nose out of the NYPD's business! I don't need your help!
vs Alex: You just watch yourself, kid. Even if you're streetwise, nothing's certain on the streets.
vs Viper: So what does your agency get out of interfering with police business? A nice money-draining lawsuit or something?
vs Morrigan: Hate to break it to ya, but prostitution's as much a crime as many, ma'am.
vs Jedah: King of Hell or whatever, you're just the same as any other crazy evangelical bum I've dealt with.
vs Arthur: Whew...good thing I loaded up on armor piercing bullets.
vs Wesker: Our prisons are full of people who think they're Napoleon, or God. Better get used to not being unique anymore, kid.
vs Mr. X: Sheesh, what the heck is this guy, is he a monster or seriously high on crack?
vs Leo: ....I think the Disney XD studio's missing an actor.
vs Hinata: Hey! Don't you think you're a bit too young to be getting into fights, kid? Last thing you want is an arrest on your school record!
vs Mega Man: I really don't see what all the fuss is about concerning you. You're not so tough.
vs Frank West: You're looking at doing time for invasion of privacy, West! Honestly, I've been waiting for this oppurtunity for too long!
vs Bison: Get in the car, right now, dirtbag! You aren't getting away so easy!

Vs Mirror Match: You realise impersonating an officer is a crime? Not to mention counterfeiting too.
vs Axel: Me and the boys honestly respect what you're doing...but we still can't smile on vigilantism, Axel.
vs Blaze: Sorry, Blaze. Much as I'd like to help with Mr. X, my hands are kinda tied.
vs Scorpion: I guess I can add my first arsonist to my list of criminals I've taken down.
vs Sub-Zero: If it makes you feel better the NYPD has its eyes on the Lin Kuei now.
vs CM Punk: Nothing wrong with being straight edge, but its the "conversion" thing you're pulling off that's making things worse for you.
vs K': Well if you don't like pointless fighting, why'd you assault me first? You've the right to remain silent, punk!
vs Sonic: Quit running around, I'm not putting you in the zoo. I've no problems with super sentient hedgehogs...well, not much.
vs Terry: If you ask me if I'm okay one more goddamn time I'm going to arrest you for harrassment!
vs Paul: You run your mouth too much. Its a miracle you've survived as long as you have. On the streets, you'd be dead on Day 1.
vs Tizoc: ...I don't get this wrestling crap.
vs Captain America: You're a hero, Cap, an honest to god hero...but you're still a man with limits. Sorry to say, man.
vs Goku: An alien, huh? Strange that you look so human. Eh, you're probably an alien in the "illegal" sense.
vs Jin: you can spew your dumb "Devil Gene" sob stories all you like, I'm still dragging you to Death Row for what you've pulled you filthy piece of crap!
vs Snake: Its an honor to beat the living daylights out of a living legend like yourself, Snake.
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#39  September 22, 2012, 08:07:03 PM
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O That is awesome For Detective garret Laurel you done MightyKombat
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Re: Win quote ideas/suggestions thread?
#40  September 22, 2012, 08:18:59 PM
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I might have gone a little overboard with some (Particularly Jin.) but thanks anyway.
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