Chun Li by rkMugen & AngelMyst (end of 2009 update) (Read 1982 times)

Started by rkmugen, December 27, 2009, 08:33:43 PM
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Chun Li by rkMugen & AngelMyst (end of 2009 update)
#1  December 27, 2009, 08:33:43 PM
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Happy New Year!

December 2009
*added a totally sweet animated hyper background & alpha-counter background animations from [E]nter[T]he[G]ame (aka ETG)
*added an original Level-1 super spark/fx animation
*added a downward air-dash for her stealth mode only
*added envshake parameters for several hits and for her SNK power-charge
*added sounds for Psylocke mode-switching, SNK power-charging, alpha-counter background, and an echoed punch
*added a MvC2-style super-jump ground-burst animation
*added super-jump speed streaks
*tweaked her SUSTAINED roundhouse lightning kicks to kick faster and to do more damage... a gift to those who are rapid button mashers!
*tweaked her hitsparks to animate faster... to be less of a distraction for players
*tweaked her stealth fireballs to slightly subtract enemy's super meter
*tweaked her stealth body to glow if she performs a sustained hard/roundhouse lightning kick
*tweaked hit animtypes for her super rising kicks... the enemy is now animated with each successful hit, instead of holding a stationary gethit pose
*tweaked her spinning axe kicks so that the opponent gets smashed into a lie-down state after getting hit in mid-air.
*tweaked her vacuum effect for both of her LvL-1 & LvL-2 Super Fireballs... works correctly in the newly released (official) Mugen 1.0rc
*fixed her LvL-3 Super Lightning Kick... enemies can no longer perform a throw or a hold on her before she does her last kick... or at least, they are -NOT- supposed to be able to do that...
*Her super meter now goes up to 5000, to be true to MvC2 and to TvC! Let Chun Li be your method of punishing those 'godly-impossible' A.I.'s!