NoZ's Legacy Custom Portrait Thread (Read 1463753 times)

Started by Saikoro, August 31, 2013, 07:27:29 PM
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Re: NoZ's Legacy Custom Portrait Thread
#3061  June 29, 2022, 09:10:01 AM
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If you are using photoshop, when you apply the glow to the p1 or p2 render create an empty layer above them and just merge them.
Then do the inverse select thing and just delete the glow.

Thanks reply and advice! and succeeded!
Thank you very very much!
I will upload my portraits!
Re: NoZ's Legacy Custom Portrait Thread
New #3062  August 15, 2022, 02:42:22 AM
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I'm back with another 30 set of Portraits but god were there problems.

I had to send in my Laptop for repairs because the charger wasn't working correctly anymore. You'd figure that would be a simple task and wouldn't take long. Well it certainly did because not only did they replace the charger, they replaced the battery and a fan to boot so that's good. However, with these supply chain issues this whole process ended up taking a MONTH! Well whatever, the thing's fixed, let's take it home anddd..... they wiped everything on the harddrive and did a fresh install of the OS even though at no point did I ask them to do that. Lost everything. Including some things not related to MUGEN that I cannot get back. So that's wonderful. Thankfully I backed up everything I had already shared here and what I had completed of Pack 2 before the send in. I still had to get all my programs back and all the settings right and UGHH. Anyways, with all that hassle and all this searing heat that I do not do well in, it took some time. Uploaded my first 30 two months ago.

I've quickly realized just how fast 120 character slots can get used up when I sat down and wrote out a list of potential characters that could go on the roster. I'm probably going to have to switch to Big Custom to get 20 more character slots and make all the stage art as well. Sheesh. Well because of this knowledge I figured it would be smarter to make a much more streamlined character pack this time and so I have. 30 much more recognizable characters this time.

They are: Benimaru, Bluestreak(Don't yell at me for this, I did my best!), Cammy, Captain America, Charlie, Chun-Li, Cody, Cyclops(Astonishing), Dan, Dee Jay, E. Honda, Fei Long, Gambit, Geese, Gouken, Hsien-Ko, Iron Man, Jin Saotome, Joe, Karin, King, Kung Fu Man(Did my best here too!), M. Bison, Mai, Maki, Ryo, Strider Hiryu, Terry, Vega, and Yuri.

Those 30 characters all come with a full set of Small, Big, Vs_Win, Lifebar, and Team portraits. Also, there are 19 Menu Art pictures included though some characters have multiples(Karin has 3, Dan has 2). Finally, I included an updated Captain Commando Menu Art and an updated Big portrait for him. He was from my first pack, and I did this after finding a much better picture accidentely and just making the Menu Art of his  that I already made a bigger size.

Took my time a little more on these ones and refined my style somewhat on this 2nd pack. The end result in my opinion is that they are better overall quality compared to the first pack. At some point I'm going to have to go back and redo some of those 1st pack portraits. Also I used less copies from others this time as well but there are still some in here like Vega's Small, or Gouken's Lifebar.

One last note, just in case people don't like my font size change on the Vs_Win or they use different names for characters depending on where they live, I've included ALL Big and Vs_Win Photoshop templates in this pack. This will allow you to change the Vs_Win font size back to default if you wish. Or if you are someone who uses characters Japanese names Like Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei, M. Bison/Vega, Charlie/Nash, then you can change them easily with the saved Templates. This makes the download a lot bigger unfortunately, but it's worth it.

Here are some preview pictures:

Download Link:

EDIT: Ugh, I suck. A couple of hours after I uploaded the pack, I was reorganizing my roster on VSelect only to realize that the Gambit Big portrait's P2 Boxglow wasn't visible... I doubled and tripled checked everything and I have no clue how I missed that. I fixed the error and have re-uploaded the pack, plus I checked everything one last time and it should all be good. If something is missing, lemme know.

The link has been updated.

To those couple of people that downloaded this, my apologies. You'll have to re-download the pack. If nothing else, this was proof positive why saving those Templates was a good idea.
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