Pots Style Jimmy Lee(ROTD) Unfinished Beta (Read 1735 times)

Started by BurningSoul, February 05, 2022, 03:19:12 PM
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Pots Style Jimmy Lee(ROTD) Unfinished Beta
New #1  February 05, 2022, 03:19:12 PM
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Re: Pots Style Jimmy Lee(ROTD) Unfinished Beta
#2  February 06, 2022, 02:19:46 PM
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I really liked the initiative in making this character, and here's some feedback:

- Both throws are buggy if you try to throw P2 to the opposite side;

- Does not have the defense sprites;

- There is no Big Portrait;

- No Custom Combo or Max Mode.


- Add one more variation of Super LV 1 ~ LV2;

For me, the beta is pretty solid, because I didn't find any other bugs in it and there are few details left to make it 100% complete. I don't care about Custom Combo or Max Mode, as I don't use either of those two features. And, as a last suggestion, I would like you to take this char to the end, because as I said, there aren't many things to be done in it, because the amount of EX Moves is good too.

PS: I don't tested If this char have all sounds, but I'll check this later.
Re: Pots Style Jimmy Lee(ROTD) Unfinished Beta
#3  February 06, 2022, 03:15:27 PM
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I'm not the best person to give such a feedback, but what I noticed else.

-His dragon punch is hard to do. Seem like his QCF+P have priority.
If I remember well it can happen when commands are not in the right order in CMD (???)
I remember it can be fixed by making dragon punch "states" before the QCF ones.

-His dodge -> punch have a problem.
Might be a missing state or animation for the punch attack.

Other later.

I prefer them meaty... Certainly too thick for you ^^ And not accurate enough.